Case Study How to Do Experiential Marketing for Business

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Case Study How to Do Experiential Marketing for Business

Case Study How to Do Experiential Marketing for Business

According to CMO Magazine, experiential marketing is a mutually beneficial and authentic interaction between consumers and brands.

Authentic here means that marketing is more than just sending messages to your audience, digitally or otherwise, and allowing them to interact directly with your brand.

Meanwhile, it is mutually beneficial because consumers benefit from experiencing your brand directly – and you get the benefit when that consumer experience is shared.

Consider that 49% of participants who engage in experiential marketing will make a video about it, and share it on social media. They talk about extraordinary experiences created by a brand.

But the question is “what is experiential marketing like, and the way are you able to roll in the hay – especially for a limited budget?” Here are a number of the simplest samples of experiential marketing.

Take advantage of Virtual Reality (VR) and 360º Video

Marketing tools such as VR and 360º videos have recently become increasingly popular as part of a marketing strategy. More than half of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that offers a VR experience – and when a video comes in 360º the audience is 2x more likely to watch the video until it’s finished.

VR and 360º videos can give the impression of “autonomy” that allows consumers to experience immersive experiences but still under their control. Both are capable of making your customers feel like they are in different worlds.

Shell, for example, uses this technology to virtually turn its customers into a drop of V-power fuel and the sidelines of the engine. This is not something that can be experienced by real humans, and it is truly an extraordinary experience.

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Provide Education about Something

If you’re wondering what is holding people back from learning more about your brand – the answer may be simple, they just don’t get it. Perhaps this is why 58% of customer experience experts say that simplifying products and processes should be the priority of every business.

Apart from creating quality content that can help your audience learn more about your product or brand, consider using experiential marketing methods to achieve the same goal – educating your audience.

This is what Facebook is doing with its IQ event – where the company creates a simulation of what the path a person will take when they want to shop online when using social media.

This simulation teaches something to the audience, without classrooms or lecturers. 93% of users said that the experience provided them with valuable insight into how to use Facebook for business.

This is an interesting example of how a B2B brand can build an experience for people who aren’t sure how your product or service works, don’t understand how to use it, or who think they don’t need it.

Bring your product or service to life simply and interactively – allowing someone to interact with it, can have a tremendous impact on your brand. In the end, 65% of people think that this method can help them understand a product more easily.

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