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Brandformance had to make a call within a few structures, among which there were very well known businesses with a large number of famous partners of their portfolio. These agencies mostly performed only an ad serving characteristic for publishers, but not a complex solution for the complete community with self provider for advertisers besides. Only Admixer had an in built solution for all events in Admixer. Network platform, particularly Trade Desk, which gave the opportunity to create ads campaigns and buy traffic from Brandformance community via various price models adding auction. Besides, Admixer.

Network gives the opportunity of smooth integration with Admixer. Adexchange and Admixer. DMP, thus providing initial demand and probability to precisely target ad campaigns for appropriate viewers. Every community player gets its own interface and can manage all of the method making changes online dependent on their needs. 3 publishers ask for own ad server to manage inventory and get the total Admixer.

Publisher account, while SSP account with real time reporting is enough for the other 5. At the same time advertisers take delivery of Trade Desk bills with an opportunity to create ad campaigns for alternative formats adding non essential banners. Inbuilt platform for banner advent helps with this task: filmstrip, branding, cube, sphere and other alternative rich media formats, video and mobile creatives – every little thing within a couple of mins with out coding.

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