Case Study Examples Every Marketer Should See

It can be risky to consist of hurdles for your case studies, but with great risk comes great reward, right?In Infegy’s case, their gated content material is worth the fill out form counsel, particularly since their client is such a superstar in the vehicle industry: Lexus. The PDF case study reads like a compelling news article, including titles like “The Rise of Lexus” and “The Fall of Lexus”, colourful pie charts, and real online comments from customers who were unhappy with Lexus’ old holiday ads. The PDF is six pages but aspects big font and quite a lot of white space, so audience can easily skim it in only a couple of minutes. While Asana’s case study design looks at the start text heavy, there’s good reason it reads like an artistic story, and is told totally from the purchaser’s angle. For instance, Asana knows you won’t trust their word alone on their appropriate buyer provider, so they let StyleHaul’s SVP of Business and Network Operations, Drew, let you know instead: “Our Customer Success Manager, Michael, was impressive.

If I had a question, I wasn’t put into a queue—I could get it replied right away. ” The entire case study reads like a detailed interview, and captivates the reader through creative storytelling.