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The trouble of unlawful robocalling is huge, and hugely costly. The FCC tells us that US consumers are deluged with undesirable calls, receiving over 200,000 of them every minute, and that 47% of these calls are illegal scams. Given the wide incidence of undesirable calls, an expanding number of patrons have absolutely lost faith in the integrity of the public cellphone network and now not answer incoming calls. Legitimate calls from people and organisations with out nefarious intent are getting unplanned collateral damage, and legit agencies are experiencing expanding issue reaching their official customers.

To combat this pervasive and turning out to be menace, the FCC has mandated that companies must implement the STIR/SHAKEN framework by June 2021 in the US. This has the intent of restoring faith in the general public cellphone network by getting rid of one of the vital key members to the deluge of unwanted calls, fraudulent robocalls. The method will create a circle of trust that consumers can depend on. In August 2020, next generation signalling and security supplier NetNumber introduced the industry’s most finished family of STIR/SHAKEN solutions to combat this fraudulent threat and help operators meet the issued mandates.

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