Canvassing Is: Definition, Advantages, and disadvantages of Sales Canvassing

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Canvassing Is: Definition, Advantages, and disadvantages of Sales Canvassing

Canvassing Is Definition Advantages and disadvantages of Sales Canvassing

Canvassing is one of the effective way to increase sales. Quoted from page Vox, this method is able to increase the interest of someone to do something he wanted. In the research, canvassing, which do indeed aim to invite vote in the event of the election in the US.

However, the study also we can make a reference in improving sales. So, what exactly is responsible for it? On this occasion, we will provide you complete information about canvassing for You.

Understanding Canvassing

Reporting from the official website of Marketing91, canvassing is one of the sales activities to do direct contact or communicate with consumers or potential consumers without first set up the agreement.

Canvassing is a planned activity that is done by a person in a make an offer, distribution, and search for sales orders on the services or goods. It also includes the delivery and to collect certain information from the retailer or the consumer.

Contact can be done using email, telephone, or direct visits to the customer premises. Those who do the canvassing activities is commonly referred to as a canvasser.

Get To Know The Workings Of Sales Canvassing In The Company

One way to work from a canvasser is to do the direct sales or door to door to customers in selling goods or services of his. Canvassers also is one of the part of the distributors in marketing and also distribution of goods or services.

Generally, a canvasser is often doing marketing with the use of two-wheeled vehicles or four-wheel. They also will certainly do the distribution and marketing on the target that is greater than sales in general.

The advantages that can be achieved by the business in having a canvasser in the company is more easy to do the distribution and marketing on customers located in remote areas or areas that are less able to reach by the distributor.

Therefore, many companies also investing more in this case. Businesses are aware of the importance of sales for the company will try to provide a variety of amenities and is also a huge bonus for canvassers that can sharpen the spear of the company.

The Reason He Used The Method Of Canvassing

1. Accelerates The Penetration Of The Product Into The Market

By selling directly, then there will be no wasted time because the process of transfer of the goods and the administration of the manufacturer’s warehouse to warehouse distributors.

Canvassing is one of the ways that are appropriate to be applied in the company of small-scale to medium, which in its business only move in one city or in one province and one territory only.

In addition, the manufacturer can also put employees canvassers his distributors place order to distribute goods that have been purchased by the distributor to the whole region, especially the region that cannot be reached by the sales team party distributors such.

2. Equitable Distribution Of The Product

The method of canvassing is very useful for leveling the level of distribution of a product. Sometimes, there are distributors who feels enough when it is able to acquire certain advantages, although derived from fewer consumers only.

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To it, with the use of canvassing, then a team of canvassers will spread the product in a variety of areas in the median based on the journey plan that had previously been set. So, the product will be more easily obtained by the consumer.

3. Feedback From the Market (Market Feedback) which is More Accurate

One of the important tasks of the team of canvassers is to perform logging in an area or region that he visited. This Data can be shaped area of the store, the full address of the store, and also data of other consumers. In fact, the consumer can provide suggestions or feedback on products or services that it uses.

Data collection is conducted by a team of canvassers will be directly delivered on the manufacturer, so it will be more accurate than relying only on data or info from distributors only.

4. The Possibility Of The Coming Of The Prospect Of Higher

When You’ve found the right person to be a consumer or Your customer, then the most appropriate way is to use methods of canvassing. Why? Because You can communicate directly with Your prospective customers. With this communication, You can direct consumers to more distant to prospective customers want to use the product or service.

The Shortage Of Canvassing

1. The Operational Cost To Be Higher

One of the things that You should consider carefully when deciding to use the method of canvassing is the operational cost. You should consider a salary, overtime pay, until the incentive of a team of canvassers You

Every canvasser this certainly has a team leader and also a supervisor who is responsible for the result of the work of the sales canvasser. For that, this will make the cost of operations of the company becomes greater.

2. A Laborious process

Canvassing is one of the methods that require the process is quite long and comparatively very tiring to do so. Not infrequently, every company that implements this method must continue to make the recruitment process that can cover the needs of HUMAN resources in this way.

3. Less Preferred By Consumers

In addition to it is very tiring, actually the way this is less preferred by consumers. Why? Because with business competition which is currently the more tight and increasing, consumers can receive phone deals marketing very much.

This is certainly going to make a lot of consumers are saturated and businesses could not obtain the expected results.

4. Success Rate is Low

Another shortcoming of the method of canvassing is the low level of success that is able to generate. A canvasser may contact or visit dozens of prospective customers that can get the results of the sales. However, despite already do as such, yet of course there are potential customers who are tempted.

5. Stock control of the Goods and Deposit Seller Becomes Less Good

Losses like this can be caused because of the negligence of canvassers which eliminates the goods, one count of money when doing transactions, the amount of money that is paid to the admin not the same as the number that have been sold, and much more.

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6. Error Information Delivery Product

This error can be caused because of lack of or lack of training on the team of canvassers, which can cause errors in the delivered information products and services to grocery retailers and also consumers.

7. Canvassers Can Play Prices

A canvasser passed away sell the type or types of products that are being run above a benchmark price that had previously been specified by the manufacturer or that have been agreed together with a team of distributors.

On the contrary, when the product sold is a product of stock-owned distributor, then with the consent of the owner, a canvasser can sell products that are less in demand in the lower price benchmark that had previously been determined to be spend on the stock of course.

This activity will lead to wide fluctuations in the market price which will have a negative impact on consumers and producers.

8. Distributors Will Be More Lazy

With its team of canvassers who were recruited by the manufacturer, then the distributor will feel very helped and often complacent, so it does not have the load in the conduct of its distribution.

In the end, the load or the success of a product in the market will move from the distributor, as the owner of the goods or products, to consumers.

Traits Of Sales Canvassing

1. Box Car

Usually, sales canvassing more frequent use of car box company

2. New Product

Sales canvassing is also likely to introduce product pulmonary manufacturer on the retailer or semi-wholesalers.

3. Slow and Fast Moving

The terms slow and fasting moving goods more frequently used for consumer goods that can be sold in sooner or later. Some examples of items including goods and fast moving is soft drinks, snacks, cosmetics, consumer goods staple, etc.

While for the items classified as slow moving is a table, chairs, tv, kitchen appliances, etc.

Well, in addition to offering products that are relatively slow moving sales canvassing should also sell the product fast moving with the repeat order rate is high.

4. The Price Is Low

Sales canvassing will generally set the price lower than the sales motoris. But, there is also a set price such as the type TO or taking orders.

5. Retail Outlets

Sales canvassing will focus more on the outlet of the spring wholesale in it has not been touched by the salesman taking orders.


Thus a full explanation from us about canvassing. So, we can conclude that canvassing is one of the sales activities to do direct contact or communicate with consumers or potential consumers without first set up the agreement.

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