Cannot access a website with one particular computer Networking Spiceworks

Thank you each person to your tips. I tried a few more things. When I pinged the online page using powershell it does find the IP address and it does receive all the packets that it sent. I also tried a tracert with the computer in query and with a pc where the web page works.

The tracert effects were equal for both computers. I went to the firewall settings and didn’t see anything alternative than usual but I modified them all to default regardless. I also tried the laptop on three new networks. The first one in the airport didn’t work. The second one in the plane worked.

And the third one in a home didn’t work. I also tried four various browsers: opera chromium engine, edge, internet explorer, and firefox. They all behave a similar. I haven’t got any antivirus put in. I only use the Windows inbuilt safety.

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