Can You Retarget on the Mobile Device?

The biggest problem in mobile remarketing is the capability to track users across apps and the mobile web, given the lack of cookies in the mobile environment. To solve for this, mobile app store players Google and Apple, have enabled their operating techniques to permit ad networks to determine and track particular person contraptions for the functions of mobile advertisements. Apple with its IDFA Identifier for Advertisers and Google with its “Advertising ID” allows the ad community SDK sitting in an app on a tool, send along this identifier with an ad request while soliciting for an ad. Of course, user privacy being paramount here, Google and Apple allow the user who owns the device, the option to “Limit Ad Tracking” or “Opt out of attention based ads”, which is meant to avoid ad networks from profiling the user.

In the internet to app scenario, given the loss of SDK based guidance, a mix of probabilistic/deterministic methods equivalent to cross device profiling and fingerprinting are used for monitoring and attribution respectively. Cross device tracking is an incredibly frustrating manner that depends upon huge amounts of knowledge to determine user patterns across instruments and attribute it to a user. Fingerprinting redirects a user via a dimension URL that collects publicly accessible HTTP headers concerning the device and creates a different fingerprint. A 97% accurate method, device fingerprinting, is the most common method used in web to app retargeting attribution. To make remarketing comparatively cheap, bidding for the user on his/her propensity to convert as well as showing a customised proposition via dynamic creatives turns into paramount. At InMobi, we currently introduced our remarketing platform that solves for these challenges and has delivered some compelling outcomes for our customers.

The InMobi Remarketing Platform is an app to app remarketing platform it is designed and optimized for mobile. Built for mobile first businesses, InMobi Remarketing is a finished answer to fulfill performance marketing goals at each step of the user lifecycle post acquisition that enables activating users by nudging them to first acquire, retargeting users to drive repeat purchases, and reactivating dormant users to engage and purchase.

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