Can I Move Active Directory to the Cloud? JumpCloud

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IT corporations were moving to more complicated networks. Virtually every association was building LANs after which moving to WANs with the emergence of the Internet. IT was fitting a core a part of the organization. Whether the association was a generation company or not, back office IT features were fitting crucial to the business.

Many companies started to sell their solutions online or aid them online. Customer interactions were fitting more useful and robust via the Internet. To help this critical a part of the organization, IT had to get everyone in the association into using generation. While today computing and information superhighway access is ubiquitous, twenty years ago that was hardly the case. Microsoft’s vision then was still a computer on every desk, and in order that was what IT was doing.

In order to enable that setup, Microsoft created Active Directory. Every Windows system put on a person’s desk could now be managed. User access could be centrally managed and the computing device may be managed, remotely. This was an incredibly successful innovation. Directory amenities were hardly new, but Microsoft’s beginning of it to mainstream IT was game altering.

IT corporations could now easily place a Windows device in everyone’s hands, but still hold the handle that they needed. Add to that the ability for AD to also control access to the inner community and applications, and now there has been even more handle. Of course, what Active Directory could handle was all Window based. Unix machines were largely external of the purview of AD. Mac techniques weren’t welcome.

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In fact, in the early 2000s IT businesses dictated what gadgets the organization used – a far cry from today’s user driven selections of hardware. All of this was made easier because of Active Directory. The more stagnant Microsoft remained, the more agencies wanted an all Windows environment. The virtuous cycle was complete.