Can an Industry Be Socially Responsible If Its Products Harm Consumers? The Case of Online Gambling SpringerLink

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Online gambling companies claim that they are moral providers. They seem dedicated to corporate social obligation CSR practices that are aimed at fighting or minimising the harm associated with their actions. Our empirical analysis employed a sample of 209 college scholar online gamblers, who took part in an internet survey. Our findings indicate that the extent of online challenge gambling is monstrous and that it adversely influences on the gambler’s mental and physical health, social relationships and tutorial functionality. Online challenge playing seems to be related to the time spent on the Internet and gambling online, parental/peer playing and binge ingesting.

As our findings show that there are dangerous repercussions linked to online gambling, we argue that companies during this controversial sector cannot reach the better level of CSR achieved by other industries. Nevertheless, they’re able to gain legitimacy on the basis of their CSR engagement at a transactional level, and so, by meeting their legal and ethical commitments and behaving with transparency and fairness, the integrity of the agency can be ensured. We also argue that present mess ups in the implementation and handle of CSR rules, the reliance on earnings from problem gamblers’ losses, and controversial advertising activities appear to constitute the main boundaries in the prevention or minimisation of injury related to online playing. As online playing businesses needs to be responsible for the harm related to their actions, we imply that CSR regulations should be fully carried out, monitored and obviously suggested; all types of promoting will be decreased considerably; and unfair or misleading promotional suggestions might be banned. The industry usually are not depend upon income from challenge gamblers, nor should their behaviour be reinforced by marketing actions i.

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e. rewards. We realise, though, that it is unrealistic to expect the net playing industry to prioritise harm prevention over earnings maximisation. Policy makers and regulators, hence, would want to get entangled if the movements recommended above are to be undertaken. CSR is paramount to minimise harm and supply a more fit user experience in this enterprise sector, but it also poses advertising dilemmas. We support a world collaborative approach for the online playing industry, as harm related to gambling is a public health issue.