Call to Action is: Everything you must know about CTA

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Call to Action is Everything you must know about CTA

Call to Action is: Everything you must know about CTA

Call to Action is Everything you must know about CTA

CTA or Call to Action is one of the terms in the world of marketing which is very famous for its important roles that can increase the conversion rates in a brand.

The important role of call to action is to increase sales figures, provide special offers, increase the number of readers, or downloads content until it makes a very large email list.

Well, related to this, then on this occasion, we will explore thoroughly the call to action and a powerful way to make it.

Definition of Call to Action is

When just entering the marketing world, most of us might be wondering, what is CTA. Well, reported from the official Investopedia page, call-to-action is a term in the world of marketing used to represent methods that marketers expect to be taken by consumers.

So simply, CTA is an image, writing, or greeting that can encourage customers or website visitors to do an action. The action can be in the form of reading further articles, buying an item, subscribe to services offered, or subscribe to the blog newsletter from the website.

Generally, CTA has a link that will then direct visitors to go to the page to be addressed. So that every visitor can access the link, then the placement on a website must also be very clear.

The use of attractive or familiar colors will greatly help visitors to be interested in the CTA that you listed.

Types of call to action are

Reporting from the Hubspot page, there are several types of call to action that you must know, namely:

1. Lead Generation

Call to Action is a very important element that is very useful for generating leads on your website. Quought from the Lead Squared page, Leads is one of the terms in the world of marketing that can describe a group of people or companies interested in what your business has to offer.

They show it by entering their data, such as email, mobile number, etc. For the type of CTA that aims to attract visitors to the lead, you must be able to put it in a very clear place.

For example, you want to make your website visitors register and become members of your website.

In this case, you must make sure your CTA is visible when they are opening a website or read your blog. Whether it’s using a pop-up banner on the side of the page, or by using a large sign-up now writing.

So, your visitors will know that by clicking the button, they will be directed to the landing page to register.

2. Filling the form

After successfully entering Landing Page, then the website visitors must fill out the form and are willing to enter all the data. The use of words in this section is very important to determine whether you managed to obtain a new lead or not.

For that, you must be able to place the CTA button to sign up or submit in the appropriate area. Try to use words that can increase customer interest to want to click the CTA button.

In addition, the color of the button must be different from the background color, so that visitors can know where they have to click.

3. The “Read More” button

Not CTA must always produce leads that lead to enroll or buy products. The other CTA type is the Read more or Read More button which will be directed directly to the article on your blog.

On the front page of the blog, not all articles you can display in full. Therefore, the full reading button has a very important role so that visitors can explore more about your article, so that the traffic statistics on the page will also increase.

4. Offer products and services

One function of the website is to introduce the product or service offered by the company, this type of CTA will show it to your website visitors. Generally, this CTA is shaped in it containing the words “Buy Now” or “register yourself now!”

The placement of this CTA type must be very clear and the use of various he said must also represent what the company has to offer.

5. Social Sharing

This type of CTA serves to share articles or other content on social media. You can put this CTA at the end of the article using “Share this article on social media”, or other writings.

This type of CTA can also be made automatically appear when there are visitors who want to copy sentences from your website content.

You can use the Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or WhatsApp logo so that every visitor you can choose on social media where they want to share your content.

6. Lead Nurturing

The next type of CTA is intended for those who have become leads but have not wanted to make any purchasing transactions. In this type of CTA, generally, you have to provide several other offers, such as sign up for a free trial that allows them to try and subscribe later.

This CTA type must be placed in the most strategic position, especially on pages that are often visited by potential leads.

7. Complete sales

When leads have been collected, then it’s time for you to change their status to customers. This type of CTA will be more focused on sales, for that, try to explain it clearly. Also, use a variety of persuasive words so that visitors can directly buy the products and services you offer.

8. Promotion of Events

The next CTA type is promoting the event that will be held by the company of Adan, both online events or offline events. For this CTA to be seen, then you must place it on the dashboard page, log in, or other places that are often seen by visitors.

Tips for Making CTA Effectively

1. Take it in the right area

The location of the CTA placement has a great influence on the traffic obtained by the CTA. For a website, cya can be placed at the top, middle, or under the landing page.

In addition, you must also be able to use the sidebar, the bottom area of ​​blog content, or Windows pop-up to be able to install interesting calls.

But certainly, you can freely try all the placement options, then analyze the area where the most capable of getting traffic through the Analytic Web Tools.

2. Create an interesting design

Next, make sure that your CTA is supported by an interesting design and in harmony with your website or email display. Then, also pay attention to the CTA contrast level with your heal. Choose colors, text sizes, and fonts that are easy to read and are known by your audience.

3. Select the appropriate text

The selection of words will determine the success rate of Call to Action ANCA. For this reason, use text that is easy to understand and able to lead to the target marketing or the offer you make.

Don’t let your visitors feel cheated because it is directed on a page that doesn’t match the writing on your CTA.

In addition, because CTA aims to convince visitors to want to take certain actions, then you have to write it with clear and simple instructions.

4. Optimize Sense of Urgency

You can maximize the sense of urgency to encourage the audience to want to click on CTA as soon as possible. For example, you can add information that your time is limited or limited stock.


After finishing reading this article, of course, you are currently understood about CTA and its important role in the success of your marketing brand campaign. In addition, you can also learn a variety of CTA and its functions that fit your campaign.

Some of the ways you can do to maximize the call to action are to find out the most accessed areas of your website visitors, make an interesting CTA display and harmonize with brand personality, write text CTA properly, and use the sense of urgency.

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