Buzz Marketing is one of the effective marketing strategies to increase sales

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Buzz Marketing is one of the effective marketing strategies to increase sales

Buzz Marketing is one of the effective marketing strategies to increase sales

In increasing marketing activity, each marketer must certainly have a thousand one marketing strategy. Buzz Marketing is one of the marketing strategies that are familiar to improve marketing activities.

Until now, online marketing is still a major weapon for marketers in carrying out their duties. In addition to the very broad range, online marketing activities require a relatively lower budget.

Buzz Marketing is one of the right choices for those of you who want to improve marketing strategies in sophisticated times like today.

Then, what is the buzz marketing? What are the advantages and disadvantages in carrying out this strategy? Here we provide a complete explanation of buzz marketing specifically for you.

Understanding Buzz Marketing.

Sourced from the Hubspot page, Buzz Marketing is one of the marketing strategies to improve engagement or business sales by mouth to mouth or word of mouth.

Mouth to mouth in this case is from the buzzer’s mouth itself. But in general, Buzz Marketing is a part of the viral marketing strategy.

Simply put, Buzz Marketing is a marketing activity that utilizes Buzzers to continue to discuss a product in order to become viral or trending on social media.

Indirectly, slowly there will be many people who are interested in talking about the product and then discussing it to their respective people or relatives.

So, the engagement of the business you run will increase because there are many people who know the product or service you offer.

 Neil Patel, said that one of the goals of Buzz Marketing is so that everyone is interested in talking about your brand, not just introducing it to other people or close relatives.

This method is claimed to be very effective to do when you want to release a product or new service service to the public.

How can marketing buzz?

The beginning of the process of buzz marketing is by attracting the attention of audiences and media that can create your business, services or services to be used as an online or offline conversation material.

This can happen because of your own product. That is, indeed the products or services you offer are indeed different from the others, good and no one can match it.

Or it can also be due to your way of marketing or offering your product to the public. As the example has been done by Tung Desem Waringin when he wants to promote his book by distributing money to the public from the aircraft.

Based on the excitement that has been done, it will cause the occurrence of news and will spread automatically.

There will be many people who discuss the incident and happy consumers will also preach this news to others who are around them or around their lives, such as relatives, friends, family, etc.

Because of his enthusiasm, maybe the message they discuss will be exaggerated by the truth.

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But certainly, if the marketing buzz activity that you do successfully, it will be able to have a significant impact on your business. Thus, the development of the sale of products or services from the business that you hit will happen very quickly.

As long as you can maintain the development of the buzz marketing according to what you want, the explosion that can be caused will get bigger.

Advantages and disadvantages of Buzz Marketing

1. Advantages

Surely there are several advantages that you can get when implementing a buzz marketing strategy. Some advantages in applying buzz marketing are as follows:

  • There will be many people who talk about your brand
  • You will get a very broad customer range
  • Relatively more affordable prices
  • Increase product sales
  • And get good reciprocity from customers

If we compare it by installing advertisements offline in billboards or other offline media, using a buzzer to implement this marketing strategy arguably more affordable. In addition, the customer reach that you will get can get throughout the world.

2. Lack of

Although it does have a lot of very tempting profits, but the buzz marketing still has its own shortcomings. Sourced from Marketing 91, one of the shortcomings of Buzz Marketing is a very complex and difficult process.


Because, it is not an easy thing to make a product a viral and can be discussed by many people even though they have used a buzzer though.

So, when implementing this strategy, you must want to do it optimally and with a higher level of consistency than doing other strategies.

Tips for Buzz Marketing

To be able to get maximum results, there are several tips that you can reference when doing buzz marketing. Some of the right tips in doing buzz marketing are as follows:

1. Make an interesting ad campaign

If the contents of the ad campaign that you show is very monotonous and not interesting, then the money you spend to hire a buzzer or influencer will be very futile. This will actually make customers not pay attention to your product.

Neil Patel explained, one of the effective ways to maximize the buzz marketing strategy is to make a mature concept in creating campaigns and advertising content.

For this reason, try to make a more interesting advertising campaign from your business competitor. Make sure the contents of the ad campaign has a more emotional message and can touch the hearts of each audience that sees it.

2. Maximize social media

So that the products you offer can be viral, make sure you have maximized all social media content and all those in it as well as possible. Share your ad campaigns to various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

In addition, try to use email marketing in conveying the contents of your ad campaign message on each customer.

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By maximizing each existing online platform, it is not impossible that the products you offer are discussing materials for many people.

3. Improve product quality

You should always remember that viral advertising campaigns must be balanced with exceptional product quality. It would be unfortunate if the products you offer on consumers are unable to meet their expectations. Even though you have made an ad campaign as much as possible.

For this reason, try to balance viral advertising campaigns with the quality of your product or service to be able to meet your customers’ expectations.

4. Campaign analysis

Don’t forget to do the analysis of the ad campaign that you have run. This is done so that you can know how high the Anime Audience is on your product.

In addition, you also have to know what things must be reduced or repaired on the next ad campaign.

5. Cooperate with influencer

Figures that have influence or have many followers on social media are one of the magnets in the world of marketing. Buzz Marketing often uses this method so that it can succeed and produce profitable results.

For this reason, try to hold them by endorsement so they want to post products that you offer in their social media.

Using this method, the influencer will later trigger any followers to get to know more about the product or brand offered. Conversion in the form of sales afterwards will occur easily.

6. Make a unique business concept

As we already tired briefly before, businesses are unique and different than others will sell in the eyes of the audience. For this reason, do Buzz Marketing by creating a business concept that is different from the others.

This is done in order to be able to increase consumer appeal on the product or service service that you offer than belonging to your business competitor.


Thus the full explanation of us about Buzz Marketing. So, we can draw the conclusion that Buzz Marketing is one of the marketing strategies that is done to improve engagement or business sales by mouth or word of mouth.

Before you decide to apply this strategy, you must understand the advantages and disadvantages of buzz marketing as we explained. Then, you can follow a few tips above so that the buzz marketing strategy can run optimally and bring abundant profits.

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