Buyer Persona: Definition and Function in Marketing

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Buyer Persona: Definition and Function in Marketing

Buyer Persona Definition and Function in Marketing

In building a strong and solid company brand, it doesn’t always have to use promotions and various marketing strategies. However, also about how a business is able to recognize the target of its customers specifically in making a persona buyer. So, what is the understanding of the Personaitu buyer?

Well, for those of you who want to get to know more about Persona Buyers, this article will explain in depth about the understanding and function of the Persona Buyer. The following is a review.

What is the Persona Buyer

The Persona Buyer is a picture of a typical target of customers in a business obtained based on profound research results. Simply put, you must create a customer profile that as if the profile is real.

This profile data is carried out from collecting demographic data, properties, behavior, personality, to how they are able to take various decisions when buying a product.

This step will certainly be very helpful, especially when you want to convey your excess business to customers. In addition, the various implementation processes on business strategies will also be easier. Starting from the marketing process, making content, developing products, etc. So, your business prospects will be much more guaranteed, because you can know exactly about what you need markets.

The following is a variety of information you need in making a persona buyer

  1. Customer Personal Data – Name, Gender, Age, Level of Education, Job Status, Large Income, Status, Childhood (Optional).
  2. Behavior – Hobbies, Food and Drink Favorites, the preferred thing, social media accounts, forums that are followed, behavior when shopping.
  3. Habits When BerbnerShopping:
  4. How Customers When Communicating by Phone, Email or Direct.
  5. The way customers get to know a product, whether it’s through advertising, the internet or other people’s advice.
  6. How is his behavior when buying online products and how he knows the information.
  7. The preferred shopping system, is online or offline.

Various components are largely the data you need typewriting create buyer persona.

If you have any other additional components, then of course it would be better. You can do this by direct interviews with prospective customers in order to obtain a variety of more specific information.

Why do I have to make a persona buyer?

Making, Determining and Understanding About Understanding Persona Buyers in a business is a step that is able to help you better understand customers and your customers. So, you can make it more to ensure them and you personally, that your brand has advantages that can offer customer’s problem solutions.

Even though in reality you cannot know all your customers or prospective customers individually. However, at least you can create a persona that represents every general segment of your targeting target.

In addition, creating a Persona Buyer is also your strategic effort in determining market targets more explicitly.

In general, about this is the benefit of creating a Persona Buyer in your business.

  • Product or service adjustments: able to help you determine the customer’s needs and will, so you will be able to adjust it to your product or service.
  • Marketing Strategy: You will find your customers’ behaviors or habits when taking a decision. It is very important to be used as the main ingredient in creating a good marketing strategy.
  • New product or service opportunities: with you knowing what your customers like or don’t like, then you have the opportunity to create better products or services that are better than your competitors.
  • Set the Persona Buyer Model: Basically, the Persona buyer model is divided into competitive persona, Spontaneous Persona, Methodical Persona and Humanistic Persona. Each of these groups is able to help you create different interactions on each character.
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How to create a persona buyer on your business

If previously we have discussed the understanding of the Persona Buyer and has understood that in creating a person’s buyer requires in-depth research on customer characters, then this research will be able to make it as an insight that can be used in carrying out your business strategy. The following are the steps you need:

  • Do deep research

Previously we already knew that we needed various data to do research. You must apply this initial step in collecting various complete information about your target market.

So, you need information related to age, residence, income, behavior when shopping, how to make decisions, and recognize any interest and activities that customers like.

So, how can we get that information?

There are several ways you can get this information, one of which is to use Google Analytic (if you have a website). Then various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, to other social media analytics tools such as Hootsuite, Social Report, Buffer Analyze etc.

However, if you don’t have a whole customer base, then you can do the PERSONA BUYER research through your competitor’s market target.

Get related information on whether the market from your competitors has various target groups that are the same as you, how they are able to do a variety of good approaches with customers, what business they do to be able to compete, etc.

  • Get to know customer problems

In this step, try to answer questions like, what problems are you wanting to solve your customers? And what makes them difficult to achieve the goal?

The way you can do to answer this question is to monitor directly with the tools that we have mentioned before.

In addition, you can also do various extensive methods such as by conducting online surveys via e-mail, interviews, or Focus Group Discussion (FGD) to get these specific information.

  • Identify customer goals

This one point is no less important after you know the problem of your previous customers. That is what the problems are felt by your customers, then find out about the purpose of what they really want to achieve.

Each of these goals may be some of which there are those who do not reflect their personalities, and are not always related to the advantages that your business offers. However, this still has an important role, at least at least you can do a variety of better approaches when running your marketing strategy.

  • Knowing how your business can help

By creating a persona buyer, you can also get various basic materials in developing your product or service.

Simply put, you can be more aware that outside of the products you created today, there are still other business prospects that you can provide to meet your customers’ targets.

  • Categorize every person

At this point, it’s time for you to categorize every person that you have got from every way you have done above. A New York writer named Bryan Eisenberg in his book entitled Buyer Legends explained that there were 4 Persona buyer models, namely:

Competitive Persona – This Persona Buyer model prefers various things related to competition. So that customers like this will tend to find products or services that are able to improve the quality of them more than other customers who do not or have not used it.

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Spontaneous Persona – This Persona Buyer will be very easy to influence and influence, because they involve emotions in terms of decision making. That is, persona like this will be more easily persuaded to make a purchase when his friend or the closest person has become your customer.

Methodical persona – The character of this persona is a logical and very careful character when taking a decision. To draw attention, make sure your business is able to offer products that are superior to other competitors.

Humanistic Persona – this persona model will be a little slow when making a decision. So, you need more effort to make them amazed when offering your product or service.

Actually, you can still create another persona buyer outside the Persona Buyer created by Bryan Eisenberg, with a note you can record the whole persona with a clear format.

  • Create a negative personone buyer

Every human being always has negative and positive properties. Even the same as the process of making Persona Buyers. That is, negative persona is the opposite of the positive persona side, where you can be a negative person can be used as your target market.

Of course by putting aside them that are not in your target. That way, this will make your Persona Buyer more specifically.


That’s the accompaniment of the Persona Buyer that you must know. Understanding the Persona Buyer and its important role on business is a precise step to help your business in achieving a broader target market. By recognizing the persona on each of your customers, you can prepare various effective business strategies.

You don’t have to deal with the persona model created by Eisenberg, because you can still create your own persona model that you feel capable of making it easier for you to determine each person.

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