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This page provides data, facts and market data associated with the business amenities industry. This includes tips on segments and industries such as market research, consulting, call facilities, staffing and group of workers, outsourcing and facility control. The company of outsourcing means the contracting or outplacement of business segments and services to an external service provider that may even be conducted by substances within a company. Subsets of the general outsourcing industry come with company system outsourcing BPO, advice technology outsourcing ITO, competencies procedure outsourcing KPO, legal system outsourcing LPO, and recruitment procedure outsourcing RPO. Facility management amenities, which include, for example, building fabric, air con, plumbing and drainage, fire safety techniques and lift and escalator upkeep – but also services reminiscent of cleaning, defense, handyman amenities and waste disposal –, are sometimes offered by companies that focus on these amenities or offer these services as part of a broader portfolio.

The French food facilities and amenities control company Sodexo and the American agency Aramark are examples of such agencies. The Fluor Corporation, rooted in the development industry, is another example of a corporation offering facility control facilities. Picture: sxc.