Business Opportunities in the Industrial Revolution era 4.0

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Business Opportunities in the Industrial Revolution era 4.0

Business Opportunities in the Industrial Revolution era 4.0

The development of the age of making the technology industry is increasingly developing naturally. The innovators always want to continue digging deeper into innovations to facilitate the performance of human life.

At this time, everything is focusing on the 4.0 industrial revolution which continues to be echoed every day. Inside the 4.0 industry, all turned towards modern and very technical. All hope from technology and depend on technology too.

This is what makes various business opportunities appear in the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. What are the business opportunities offered by this latest industry? Can it provide a big advantage for the Indonesian community layers? Here’s the explanation.


The first business opportunity in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0 is Fintech. At present, the word ‘Fintech’ is very often heard in the ears of the world, including Indonesia, especially the upper-middle class who see various business opportunities from financial affairs.

Millennial is one of the main targets of the Fintech company itself because many Fintech companies provide convenience in financial management, one of the things it is difficult to do by Millennial.

Not only that, but Fintech also provides convenience in payment affairs in buying and selling transactions. This is what makes Fintech become one of the very successful businesses in the 4.0 industry.

Cloud Hosting

Business opportunities in the second era are the best cloud hosting services. Often see the offer of cloud services lately? That’s what they sold. Cloud is one of the mild and accessible database storage techniques.

The community must have used a cloud but did not know that it was Cloud. Call it Google Drive and Dropbox, two clouds that are most often used in the industry today. That is what makes Cloud Hosting fast-selling well in the industry 4.0 today because it is very close to the industrial world and business processes.

Online Buy and Sell Business

Furthermore, there are also online buying and selling businesses that are increasingly promising in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0. Indeed, the online buying and selling business has been big since 10 years ago thanks to the sale and purchase forum at Kaskus, but the emergence of various e-commerce in Indonesia made small business people able to use their presence to the fullest.

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Promotions that do not have to be touted and do not need to provide high operational costs making the online buying and selling business increasingly in the 4.0 industry. Even more easy payment methods also exist at this time. It doesn’t have to always go to ATM for transfers. Cash On Delivery, Virtual Accounts Until Various Payments Through Fintech Companies Making Business Buying and Selling Online Continues to Grow.

On-demand service

Business Opportunity era 4.0 Next is on-demand service. No need to be confused if foreign with this name because on-demand service is often used by the community.

Just name several online transportation applications. That is what is called on-demand service. On-demand service is a service that only appears around us if we want it. This flexible business makes On-Demand Service more popular in the 4.0 industry.

Those are some business opportunities in the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. If you are jelly, then you can take advantage of this industrial revolution to be favorable coffers of money.

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