Browser Push Notifications for E-Commerce Services

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Introducing Browser Push Notifications for E Commerce Services
Introducing Browser Push Notifications for E-Commerce Services
Browser Push Notifications for E-Commerce Services 4

Browser Push Notifications for E-Commerce Services

Visitors open your e-commerce website, then browse the products. Sometimes visitors add some products to the cart, and when you think they will buy it, they actually cancel it. Things like this initially did make disappointed.

When 98% of your website visitors cancel a purchase, you must start to wonder why? What is wrong?

Then you start thinking of ways to contact these visitors and try to invite them back to complete the purchase. Today’s e-commerce marketers have a variety of user engagement tools to re-connect them with their website visitors via email, display ads or push notifications Froggy ads.

And each of these channels has their own benefits and limitations.

For example, Kate has to look at promotional emails in her Gmail Inbox to see your message. How often do things like this happen? Or he must visit another website or log in to Facebook so you can show relevant ads for him. Remember, Facebook and Display are paid channels. What’s more, your marketing budget could have been drastically reduced last month.

Then, how?

Suppose there is a marketing channel that does not require users to log in to certain websites. What if this channel is free?

If only this channel could reach users like email and personalize your conversation like display ads.

Introducing Browser Push Notifications for E-Commerce

This is a notification sent directly from your website to the user’s browser and messages can still be delivered even if the user is not accessing your website.

Introducing Browser Push Notifications
Browser Push Notifications for E-Commerce Services 5

You can recommend the most frequently purchased categories to new users and help new users find the product. Or you can retargeting products or shopping carts that they have canceled.

With a loyalty discount, you can re-attract old customers who have recently been inactive. With Browser Push Notifications added to the toolkit, you can activate engagement, convert, and grow website users and of course, your sales.

What was explained earlier sounds very promising, but is the implementation difficult?

Apparently not.

Enter the JavaScript code into your website, then encourage website users to subscribe to this notification. You are now ready to act.

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Why Browser Push Notifications?

Push browser notifications are much faster than email. Email is permanent, but it is not practical if you want to send flash sale information and require a fast reaction from the user. Push notifications are more personal, fast, and trigger user reactions. Push notifications do look effective because they are sent in real-time and are relevant, but push notifications with browsers that have the same features can reach more people. Push browser combined with email and retargeting strategies can make your marketing more successful.

Push notification browser vs email

Browser Push not only allows you to better engage users, but also provides many benefits to help increase sales of your online business.

The following is a guide to using Browser Push Notifications and increasing e-commerce sales in the holiday season, connecting with users who ignore shopping trolleys, and sending customized recommendations to each user and attracting more users to your website.

The best way to use Browser Push Notification

The Push Notifications browser can be used to re-engage your users by increasing re-engagement and contacting inactive users again with personalized notifications and notifications. All can be done both on desktop and on mobile devices.