Branding: Its Elements, Types, Purpose, and Benefits You Should Know

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Branding Its Elements Types Purpose and Benefits You Should Know

Branding: Its Elements, Types, Purpose, and Benefits You Should Know

Branding Its Elements Types Purpose and Benefits You Should Know

Branding is one of the important things that must be built by a business in the era of globalization. The loss of boundaries makes business competition even tighter. See, companies or businesses that come from abroad can be established in Indonesia. Not only one or two in number but many. Therefore, as a business actor, you must have and build a brand from your business. A strong brand can be easily recognized by consumers so that the number of competitors will not affect if your brand is already strong.

Understanding Branding

According to Kotler (2009), branding is a name, term, sign, symbol, design, or combination of all that is intended to identify goods or services or groups of sellers to distinguish them from competing goods or services. Gradually, the definition of branding has grown until now branding is defined as a collection of communication activities carried out by companies in the process of building and raising a brand. For a branding company, it is not just your brand or product that is known but also the overall company image or how people feel that your company is the best.

Branding Elements

  • Brand name
  • Logo, including logotype, monogram, flag, and so on.
  • Visual appearance, such as product design, packaging design, uniform design, and others.
  • Spokespersons, such as co-founders, mascots, corporate figures
  • Sounds, such as sound icons, tones, songs
  • Words, including slogans, taglines, jingles, and others.

Types of Branding

a. Product branding

Is the most common type of branding. This is because a successful product or brand is a product that can encourage consumers to choose their products over competitors’ products.

b. Personal branding

It is the most popular marketing tool among public figures such as artists, musicians, politicians, and others so that they have their views in the eyes of the public.

c. Corporate branding

All aspects of the company, from the products or services offered to employees’ contributions in the eyes of society. Corporate branding is very important to develop a company’s reputation in the market.

d. Destination branding

Has the purpose of introducing a product or service when someone mentions a location. So when someone mentions the name of a city, for example, Yogyakarta, then people can immediately remember warm or bak pia.

e. Cultural branding

Develop a reputation about the environment and people of a particular location or nationality.

Branding Function and Purpose

  • As a differentiator, companies that have strong brands will be easily distinguished from competitors.
  • Promotion and attractiveness, if you have a strong brand then promotion will be easier to do. Customers tend to choose a strong brand and are loyal to the same brand.
  • Building image, confidence, quality assurance and prestige, these are some of the things that will make your business memorable.
  • Market control: a strong brand can control the market because people are familiar with it.

Meanwhile, the purpose of branding itself is to shape people’s perceptions, build people’s trust in the brand and build people’s love for the brand. The purpose of this branding is one of the things that is very beneficial for the company. Strong branding will make customers more trusting in your product and more loyal to your company.

Benefits of Branding

As mentioned above, branding is important for companies, especially in this era. One of the reasons is that the company will have many benefits.

  • Provide attractiveness for consumers.
  • Make it easy for companies to get customer loyalty to your product or service.
  • Opening up opportunities for companies to set a high selling price.
  • Opportunities for you as a business actor to differentiate products
  • Become a differentiator or certain characteristics that distinguish the company’s products from competitors’ products.

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