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When Jonathan Fields spotted William Shatner ready to board a JetBlue flight at New York’s JFK in May, he did what another self respecting blogger would do. He popped open his Apple AAPL Mac, attached to the Web using the free Wi Fi provided by JetBlue, and used Twitter to share the sighting with pals. “JetBlue terminal,” Fields wrote on the blog carrier that lets users send short messages of 140 characters with status updates to teams of friends. “William Shatner waiting in pinstripe suit and shades to board flight to Burbank. Why’s he flying JetBlue?Free, maybe?”Considering the beaten down image that Microsoft had amongst buyers, it was high time they reacted.

And the plan is to do it at a large scale, with a launch of a $300 million campaign. How precisely this crusade will exercise session is controversial. But is Microsoft even warranted in launching such a reactive crusade?Wouldn’t these hundreds of thousands of dollars spent just go into reinforcing apple’s brand, that’s precisely what Apple wants?The best way for Microsoft is to ignore the pokes from Apple and focus as an alternative on changing its identification amongst buyers and never try to counter Apple’s advertisements.