Brand Storytelling: Definition and Effective Ways to Make it

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Brand Storytelling Definition and Effective Ways to Make it

Brand Storytelling: Definition and Effective Ways to Make it

Brand Storytelling Definition and Effective Ways to Make it

When running a branding on a business, Brand Storytelling is one of the components that are often passed by marketers, even though Brand Storytelling has a considerable impact on a business.

In addition to being able to strengthen identity, Brand Storytelling is able to make prospective customers more interested in using services or buying products you offer.

Then, what is a brand storytelling, who is tasked with making it, and what are the benefits for a company? Find the answer by reading the article about this Storytelling Brand until it’s finished.

What is Brand Storytelling?

Brand Storytelling is a narrative behind a brand or brand, which is made to strengthen the identity of the brand or brand itself. Most people think that this brand storytelling is very closely related to the history of the establishment of the company. In fact, Brand Storytelling is not just about the history of the company.

Reporting from the Echo Stories page, Brand Storytelling is a narrative that includes facts and feelings related to their brand. This includes what the company offers or created companies.

Sourced from the Hubspot page, Brand Storytelling is able to make customers more remembering your company, developing customer empathy, and will eventually care about your brand.

The term is almost the same as a novel book. There are characters, problems, then meet with wise people who are able to provide the best solution, until finally they can do the solution. Generally, this is known for the framework storyboard. The following is the illustration of the image:

The initial character is your business customer, then they are faced with problems and need help.

After that, you have the best brand that has the best solution to overcome this problem. Then, a plan emerged that had an explanation related to how to buy, after sales service, etc. When you are interested, prospective customers will take an action that can lead to two main possibilities, namely buying a product or not giving it at all.

In essence, the brand storytelling created is a description of what you can offer to prospective customers and how the story takes place.

Who made the Storytelling Brand?

Reporting from the JUST CREATIVE page, the main reason behind the company asking for feedback and trying to involve customers in doing conversations is that it can form a broader brand storytelling.

This includes what customers feel, their experience when using your product or service, etc. However, your business still has to have the main control so that the narrative provided can remain in accordance with what has been made.

For example, the Apple brand, even though their products are expensive, there are still many people who are willing to queue for every new product released on the market. This is because the storytelling brand they spend, which is focused that Apple is a company that focuses on innovation and exclusivity. That way, customers who have the product will also feel it too.

What is the Importance of Making Storytelling Brands?

In addition to being able to increase identity, brand storytelling is also made so that a brand has a kind of shaft that can be used as a guideline. For example, when you make a marketing campaign, whether it’s for products or for your brand. Well, there are certainly some things that you have to highlight.

By using a Storytelling brand, you can know what to prioritize first without forgetting the main value applied.

Next example, you want to make an ad to sell your clothes, then your business adheres to the sustainable fashion movement. Without using a clear brand storytelling, then you will not know that your business uses materials that are more environmentally friendly and durable, giving worker salaries properly, etc.

However, if this is explained in the Storytelling brand, then each customer has the same concern related to the world of fashion, and ultimately moved to buy your product.

Quoted from the Marketing Insider Group page, when brand storytelling is well arranged, it will provide a profit in the form of:

  • Provide clarity related to your brand
  • Offering new experiences, not just products or services.
  • Make prospective customers feel you have to buy your product or service.
  • Improve lead generation.

How to Make Storytelling Brands

1. Tell the brand simply

By telling the brand as simple as possible on the storytelling brand, then the simple story will look more realistic and can be trusted by prospective customers. For this reason, it is recommended to make a story in three large sets, namely:

  • First (problem): explain and tell the trouble you really want to finish.
  • Second (Solution): Tells how you can solve the problem well
  • Third (Success): Having a positive impact through this success

In the third part, you don’t have to close it with the real end. Because, you must be able to show that the section is the beginning of the success you get, and the success continues, which is due to the help of the product you created.

2. Creating good relations with consumers

Things that must be very necessary to pay attention in the middle of the intense business competition today can continue to connect with consumers. Business must continue to connect with consumers in a way that can attract their attention and involve them further.

For this reason, with the approach, the telling of a brand will be able to enter the minds of consumers. That way, you can tell and tell about your brand. For this reason, your brand must be able to inspire consumers.

3. Creating a brand image with a unique narrative

You can instill in the minds of consumers about your brand image using a unique narrative. In this case, it is unique to be interpreted as a funny, surprisingly, extreme, striking, fishing of curiosity, and much more.

By using a unique narrative, it will later produce a point that will not be easily able to forget by every consumer.

4. Become an individual

In order for the storytelling brand that you make it seem authentic and consistent, then one method you can do is to tell the beginning of the story of the formation of your brand in real terms on the customers.

You can tell why you choose to start your current business, and you can also make this version by telling it to others.

Honest stories related to how someone started his business could be a powerful way to be able to connect with consumers.

Types of Storytelling Brands

1. Short snippets

Each Content Creator will always strive to be able to attract consumers in checking their e-commerce sites or shops. Well, one form of storytelling brand they often do is to make snippets using long content and uploaded to Instagram or YouTube story.

Next, they will upload the full version on their respective sites or e-commerce.

2. Story “Clickbait”

With the challenge of the Instagram story which is only 15 seconds, each marketer must be able to rotate the brain so that it can form a storytelling brand in order to capture the attention of the audience with earlier than 15 seconds.

Of course, find this is made by making Clickbait stories that are able to make a curious and at home to watch.

Challenges in Making Storytelling Brands

1. The designer will be more needed

Because at this time several forms of Story appeared to carry out branding, many companies began to adopt a culture of making stories and later it would require a lot of designers.

Because the shape of the Stories will certainly be more difficult than the content in general, of course they need designers with high flight hours so that the message to be delivered can be delivered properly.

2. The chance to win a new audience will be more

Most likely, Google will provide a story feature so that every company can write their story more freely. This will certainly make many new audies coming.

It is realized or not, nowadays many people don’t really believe in social media, and more trust with Google search engines. This is what Google used to be able to expand the businessman’s market.

3. Closer to consumers

A brand will become more transparent in its marketing efforts. For example, the brand can display the Behind-the-Scene video from the manufacture of its products. So, consumers will feel closer and look more authentic.

4. Advanced video experience

Because the Stories format uses vertical orientation, then the content creator and marketers must also be able to play their brains in order to find a new video experience and a newer perspective. This new perspective will also restore the format of a new television, or the brand can make a film or a separate event as a promotional effort.


Thus the full explanation of us about brand storytelling. So, we can conclude that Brand Storytelling is a narrative behind a brand or brand, which is made to strengthen the identity of the brand or brand itself.

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