Brand Image: Definition, Increasing this Tips and Functions For Business

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Brand Image: Definition, Increasing this Tips and Functions For Business

Brand Image Definition Increasing this Tips and Functions For Business

When carrying out a business of course the image of a brand or product, services or services that are marketed need to be maintained and built to get a place in consumers.

This is what then encourages various businessmen to flock to pay attention to and build a brand image of the business that is carried out. Is there here which is very familiar with the term? Or even just know him now?

This term itself is actually very close to business actors especially those related to sales of products or services.

But what exactly is called the Brand Image? What is the function? What are the tips for implementing it?

In the description of this article will be peeled completely. Make sure for those who are now preparing for the business of the new normal Diera, you will follow the information that will be presented below!

What is Brand Image? Let’s recognize the complete understanding

First of all before stepping away to the discussion of how tips on increasing the image brand or function for business, you must first recognize the understanding of the brand image.

The term brand image is a word of words from English which when interpreted in Indonesian and adapted means a brand image or brand management.

So what is actually the understanding of the term widely. The image of the brand or brand image itself means as an effort to manage a brand to get a deep and positive impression in the eyes of consumers.

Management of this brand itself is done with efforts and positive steps by improving the quality of the production of goods itself.

The quality improvement of this brand itself is carried out in prolonged and continuous to maintain consumer interest and customer loyalty.

Other understanding, brand image or brand itself is a view or depiction of a brand when the customer thinks of a product or brand.

Normally if a business, product or type of service get a good brand or trade image then the level of purchase will rise and will be the top of mind when the customer thinks of goods or services.

Therefore it becomes very important for businesses to maintain the image of the brand remain in positive status. In short, this brand image itself is a consumer perspective on a product based on the real quality served.

Tips for Increasing the Brand Image to grow

Well referring to the above understanding of the brand image itself is one of the important steps of businessman, then we will explain how to improve the brand image in your business.

The following is a description of tips on increasing the image of brand production or business services to grow.

1. Make an interesting logo design

The first tips on increasing the brand image or good trade image to grow is by creating a company logo or an interesting, unique, capable and suitable trading logo.

Attractive logos and good product packaging are very optimal to raise branding or product status in the eyes of consumers.

2. Conduct sustainable advertising campaigns and promotions

The second tips for raising the brand image on a service or product are by conducting an ongoing advertising campaign or promotion.

This is a very crucial point to introduce your brand to prospective consumers, not to be bored in making advertisements and promotions that penetrate various circles constantly.

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Although maybe at the beginning of the movement it doesn’t get the attention and pay a few costs, but it must remain consistent to do it for the success of your brand.

3. Use a social media page to interact with consumers

In this kind of technology and social media era, business people do not miss using their sophistication.

Make and use the social media page to interact with consumers in real terms.

For example by creating an Instagram or website then create admin services to answer consumer questions or complaints. Try it as fast as possible and don’t let consumers wait.

4. Increase product quality and service

Of course besides doing various external tips above, mandatory business people pay attention to internal things. One of them is always improving the quality of products and services, so consumers will believe to use the product offered.

Don’t let it just make promotions and develop sales but ignore the quality of the product or service!

5. Cooperate with influencers

Using influencer power can also be one of the most fresh and innovative tips to do in the current era.

Influencers for Instagram, YouTube, Tik-tok or other social media pages usually have fans and followers or pretty followers that can clearly become your prospective customers.

Businessmen can cooperate with influencers to endorse products sold, provide reviews and invite purchases on the product in question.


But also note, that you have to choose an influencer that is suitable for your business field. Isn’t it very funny if you have a culinary business but in collaboration with automotive influencers?

6. Consistently raise quality and develop for the better

Regarding managing and raising the quality of the product or service should not only be done once or as needed. Be sure to consistently raise quality and develop to be better every day through mature planning.

Teaming this development for customer satisfaction while continuing to do additional promotions!

Difficulty in business planning because the financial process is not optimal? Or still using manual bookkeeping because you are still lay with accounting?

Try to switch to a modern accounting management system that will make it easier for you to manage the bookkeeping process and also a financial activity as a whole.

What Functions Brand Image Movements and Progress For Business?

Well in addition to discussing the definition, basic information to tips on developing a brand image, then you need to know the function of maintaining and developing the brand image to be more confident to apply it!

1. Creating Market Segment And Company Have Admitted Class

The first function of ownership of a good brand image and positive company or businessman can have market segment and class of its own.

This relates to the uniqueness and status of the company in the eyes of consumers. Owning and create a quality brand image will help the company to occupy its own class and can not be equated with other businesses.

2. Can be a distinctive feature of differentiations from other businessmen

The second function of having a brand image such as using a logo, tagline or vision of the mission to clearly will cause interesting characteristics. This characteristic is then able to bring a company or product to be seen better than competitors.

Therefore it becomes very important in building brand images or brand management with their respective uniqueness.

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3. Allows to raise the price of the product according to quality

Want to raise the price of products or services above average? It does not matter! Especially if you already have a good brand image.

This is another function of the application of brand image on existing business activities, while still paying attention to the increase in product credibility. Consumers certainly accept if the price of the product they bought is higher than the price generally but has a name as well as tested quality.

4. Get new consumers

The fourth function of the increase or decrease in brand image on a cultivated business is being able to get new consumers.

New consumers obtained themselves will be broader coverage and are not limited to one market and demographic segment.

Consumer additions and purchasing power can significantly be quickly obtained if promotions and efforts to touch consumers are carried out appropriately.

5. Providing its own charm for consumers

Compared to business people or products marketed without branding it will be lost to those who have a good brand image.

Now this case is the last function of the application of brand images in business that is very profitable. If your business is able to provide its own attraction for consumers, then consumers will have loyalty to the services or products sold by you.

Simultaneously, consumers who are satisfied with your products and services, it is likely to recommend a good desire to people closest to them so that your business can be better known.


Being a businessman of course must always be good at taking strategies, understanding the market is also diligent in innovating so that consumer attention is maintained. One way to innovate in this kind of modern era is to take advantage of brand image performance such as the information description above.

Be sure to always develop, pay attention to the quality of services, products and services from the business involved so that the profit to your business is optimal.

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