Brand Identity: Definition, Benefits and Tips in Building it

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Brand Identity: Definition, Benefits and Tips in Building it

Brand Identity Definition Benefits and Tips in Building it

All components related to products, services, companies, or people are “Brand Identity” or “brand identity”. Some of these items are names, logos, tones, taglines, letters, and shapes that make attraction. Brand identity is a separate category of brand image.

The brand identity must be a message that is consistently accepted by its audience. If some of the identities are certain colors, color consistency is very important in maintaining product identity. Identity must be in accordance with the projected image to the public.

Want to know the Identity Brand in depth? Read on this article to create an optimal brand identity for your business development.

Understanding Brand Identity

Is that your logo? Your color palette? Your infographic style? That’s all – and more.

Branding Pro Marty Neumeier defines brand identity as “brand expression, including trademarks, names, communication and visual display”. For us, brand identity is the total amount of how your brand is visible, feeling, and talking to people. (Sometimes even including how it sounds, taste, taste, and even the smell.)

In the end, brand identity is a way to communicate with the world, distinguish yourself from competitors, and create a brand experience that encourages people to engage with you.

Some brands raise brand identity into art (such as Apple, Lego, or Levi’s). Some brands made it into the playground (Think of Warby Parker or Casper). Unfortunately, some brands are difficult because they don’t know who they are or don’t know how to communicate it effectively.

Regardless of where you are in that spectrum, one thing is certain. If you want to be a competitive and successful company, making a strong brand identity is mandatory. When you manage to communicate who you are, you can better communicate with people and form the strong relationship you need for long-term success.

What includes Brand Identity?

Color logos and pallets alone do not make brand identity. When designing your identity, you need to make a comprehensive visual language that can be applied to everything starting from the website to your packaging. Depending on your brand (and the type of content you want to make), your needs may be wider, but the basic brand identity includes:

  • Logo
  • Color
  • Typography
  • Design system
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Iconography
  • Data visualization
  • Interactive elements
  • Video and motion
  • Web Design

Remember: Your brand identity must be translated into various media, so include everything you need to confirm it

Strong Brand Identity key

Even so, just because you design the element, it doesn’t mean that the element is effective. A strong brand identity needs to work for everyone, both your internal team (for example, brand ambassadors, content makers) and people who will interact with it (for example, customers). When you start the design process, make sure your brand’s identity is:

  • Different: this stands out between competitors and attracts people’s attention.
  • Make easy to remember: this makes a visual impact. (Consider Apple: The logo is very easy to remember so it only includes a logo – not their name – on their products.)
  • Scalable and flexible: can grow and develop with brands.
  • Cohesive: Each section complements the brand identity.
  • Easy to Apply: Very intuitive and clear to use by designers.
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If one of these elements is gone, your brand team will find it difficult to do her job well.

Why is Brand Identity very important?

1. Personality

The brand identity is a visual representation of the values ​​and “personality” of your brand. Identity design basically determines your brand tone, and can be used to arouse certain feelings of your audience. Your brand identity must be designed to communicate the message of your company as a whole and promote your business goals.

2. Consistency

Developing brand identity allows you to make messages that are consistent in all marketing materials. Each part must have the same basic style and design element, creating a cohesive brand package.

3. Differentiation

Brand identity helps you distinguish your business from competitors and position your brand appropriately. Developing creative and professional identity designs can help you stand out before potential customers in your market.

4. Awareness

Make brand identity ensure that your brand is at the forefront of all your marketing material, which helps increase brand awareness. The more places your brand is displayed, the more contacts will be made with consumers, and will be more memorable.


5. Loyalty

Effective brand identities can help build customer loyalty and trust in brands, because it allows customers to make relationships between products and companies.

Tips for developing effective brand identity for business

1. You sell your brand, not a product

Product centered marketing may be a habit in the previous time, but now, in this very fast digital era, you have about 20 seconds to make the best impression on you. And it’s not a long time so that your product excellence shines.

What will make your prospects with you long enough to be converted into sales is the impression, or perception, which you develop, which basically means brands in business. It doesn’t matter how good your product if your brand doesn’t make people excited: they will just leave, and quickly.

2. Your brand must reflect who you really are

Of course, you have to think long and hard about what customers want and experience. That’s the key. However, it is also important to think about who you are as a business, and let it determine the imaging of your brand and marketing.

For example, if you are a web page designer who specializes in simple and modern design, why are all your copies in the serif fonts that look like? Isn’t it more reasonable if your items are in something slimmer and modern like Helvetica?

It looks like a small decision, but each tells consumers about who you are and what you give. This creates a profitable and authentic relationship between your business and your customers, and gives you a priceless time so that the relationship is formed before your client switches to competitors.

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3. You are only as good as your art and copy

It is important to emphasize the big role of your art and copy in shaping your Identity Brand. Suppose people open your landing page and find the design of the design of the Geocities era, along with a copy that promotes your business as “specializing in the application of cross platform digital solutions”. They don’t just don’t know what you are doing, they also won’t care.

Your shelf page must have descriptive copies that can be associated with your prospective clients, with designs that reflect modern UX best practices. This applies no matter what your business is and how big you are.

4. It doesn’t matter to change brands or rebranding

You might have read so far and see some of the mistakes you make in your own brand imaging. Do not worry. It doesn’t matter to change the brand, especially if you feel you need to change your company’s perception in the eyes of prospective clients.

For example, Ford who is famous is currently undergoing a large rebranding project to compete with modern car service companies such as Uber and Lyft.

If you change the brand wisely, you will not make consumers leave you: on the contrary, your business will grow.

And this also applies to small companies: In 2013, a middle security company named Safemart evaluated its brand strategy and reappeared as a livewatch. Since then, they won many industrial and government awards.

5. Don’t deceive consumers

The last tip, which is a mild warning: Do not replace hard work and reflection with deception. If your brand identity is not in place that should, no ebooks, webinars, or bad SEO strategies that can save.

Of course, all the above can be a useful strategy, but this problem prioritizes the first thing. Find out who you are, what you offer, and what people need. You owe not only to your clients, but also to yourself.


Designing successful brand identity requires a lot of hard work and collaboration. To keep your business remain on the same plan and empower your team to do the best work, make sure they are educated, inspired and have the tools they need.

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