Brand Guideline – Understanding, Benefits, and a powerful way to make it

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Brand Guideline – Understanding, Benefits, and a powerful way to make it

Brand Guideline Understanding Benefits and a powerful way to make it

Brand Guideline is something you should pay attention to if you want to have a consistent and more memorable brand image. Brand Guideline or who has another name Brand Style Guide is one of the very important elements for a brand. Especially if you want to form a new identity.

Each brand should have a clear guideline so that branding activities can be carried out consistently. This can only be done if you already have a guideline brand.

So, what is Brand Guideline? What are the benefits and effective ways in making guideline brands? Find answers to read articles about this guideline brand thoroughly.

What is Brand Guideline?

Quoted from the Hubspot page, Brand Guideline is a useful guideline for regulating the design, composition, and general view of a brand.

So, when a brand already has a guideline brand, then they can determine what blog content, social media, logos, and advertisements are easily. In addition, Brand Guideline will also help marketers, graphic design, web developers, to the content team in clinging the same guidelines.

Ruby Porter explained that Brand Guideline is a component that can be used as a guideline by all teams when describing its brand.

So simply, Brand Guideline is a set of rules in which describes what the brand is when displaying the figure before the public. This rule includes many things, such as color palettes, font selection, photos, word selection, etc.

That means, Brand Guideline is a reference that can be used in maintaining the appearance of the brand so that it can still appear consistent in the eyes of the audience.

For example, there is one brand that has rules in using pastel colors as a basic color in every design of the content. For this reason, every team that has a task in making content on social media, blogs or websites must be able to include pastel colors.

Why? Because this has become a rule entered on the brand style guide. So, each team must be able to apply it to be able to appear consistent and no different on each platform. When a brand can look consistent, the brand will be easier to remember by the audience.

Benefits of Brand Guideline

There are at least two main benefits that can be felt by the company when being able to implement Guideline brand well, namely:

1. Set the standard

The first benefit of implementing Guideline brand is to set a standard. As we already tangent above, the standard is made so that every employee is able to produce works that are in accordance with the previously set rules.

It ranges from standards in creating Instagram, Twitter, advertising, and blog content. This becomes very important considering the objectives of advertising are as a means of branding and inviting each audience to make a purchase.

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For this reason, the ad must be made in accordance with the Guideline brand, starting from the selection of colors, fonts, to Tone of Voice.

2. Brand is easier to remember

There are lots of things that can be done to improve brand awareness, starting from making interesting logos to make a unique tagline. The strategy in increasing brand awareness will only be effective when made in accordance with the guideline brand owned by a brand.

For example, in the manufacture of the logo, a graphic designer must be able to pay attention to the rules that have been listed in the Guideline Brand. In addition, a unique tagline making process must be in accordance with Tone of Voice from the brand.

So in this case, Brand Guideline can be used as a guideline that is able to set the brand’s display so that it is easier to remember by the audience.

How to Make Guideline Brands

Quoted from the 99designs page, several stages in making guideline brands are as follows:

1. Collect inspiration

The first stage to do in making guideline brands is to collect inspiration first. In this case you have to discuss with the team, whether the logo, font, and diction of your brand are in accordance with the target market or not.

In addition, do a comparison with what competitors already have. Try getting information related to their logo, whether it is more unique and able to convey messages to customers or not. After getting this information, then you will get a fresher new inspiration.

2. Determine the important elements of the guideline brand

When making a guideline brand, there are seven important elements that you must include, namely:

Color Palette

The color palette guide in a brand usually consists of two parts, namely Primary Brand Colors which are generally used in logos, and secondary brand colors that are commonly used on websites, brochures, or exhibition stands.

The color code used must consist of RGB and CMYK colors, so the color print results look more consistent with the display of colors found on the website.


This letter can be completely documented, ranging from font size, font type, to the level of use.

Logo Design

The guide in this logo design includes several things, such as the selection of logos, the size limit, until the selection of color and background.


This imaging guide covers all the things that can show the image of a brand. Like the web or other marketing media, such as icons, watermarks, and photos.

Brand Tone

In this case, Brand Tone will include a series of words chosen and also used to convey the message and brand identity.

Brand Stationery.

Generally, this brand stationery is in the form of a blank letter and business card. Until now, business cards and also the letters are still rated as a good feature to get the First Impression of the audience.

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Social Media Style.

This Social Media Style guide is more focused on how a brand is visible and also acts on social media. This is certainly different from social media as a marketing strategy that is more focused on setting information on social media content in more detail.

Generally, social media in some large companies is managed by several people. This will cause the post of the brand to have different nuances and can even get out of the brand’s identity.

Well, with this guide, then every posting company on social media will always go hand in hand with the brand’s identity.

3, make a guideline for each product

Next, how to make the brand style guide is to make a guideline for each product. So, if your brand only has a digital product, then you must still make a guideline in managing the image layout or display selection on your website.

In addition, if you have a physical product, make a guideline for your product packaging design. Every product must be made by its own guidelines in order to appear consistent.

4. Create Outline from Brand Guideline

The next step you have to do in making guideline brand is to make an outline. For example, for the logo element, you can explain the philosophy behind the selection of your logo. Explain also the right way to use the logo and anything that is prohibited in making the logo.

Every element of this guideline brand you have to make the outline so that each team can understand easily. Just like the SOP that will always be needed by each employee in completing their respective duties.

So, you have to make it clear so that other employees are not confused in reading and understanding them.

When finished, then you must be able to decide whether this guide is made by the PDF file just or printed. It should be underlined that the guideline brand is a very important work document, so it must be made well.


Thus the full explanation of us about Brand Guideline. Consistency is a very important thing so that your brand can be remembered and also known to the audience. For this reason, you must prioritize the manufacture of guideline brands.

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