Brand Essence: Definition, Benefits, Characteristics and For example

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Brand Essence: Definition, Benefits, Characteristics and For example

Brand Essence Definition Benefits Characteristics and For example

The brand offers their products along with a series of feelings. Customers experience this feeling when they interact with the brand and form almost the same perception. A series of perceptions about the actual brand known in this industry is the essence of the brand.

Read on this article until it is finished to find out what brand essence is more profound.

What is Brand Essence or the essence of the brand?

The essence of the brand is the feeling of the customer expected when they interact with the brand. The intangible attribute felt by the customer is what distinguishes brands from other market players.

The essence of the brand defines the reason the company – suppose it as a soul or DNA from a brand that can be felt wherever the brand is present. This brings together the concept of company purposes, value propositions, and brand values ​​and principles.

Essence brand = what companies do + propositions of value + brand values ​​and principles

Usually, the company defines the essence of their brand by using a few words – like the Nike brand, ‘innovation and inspiration’. What needs to be contemplated here is we see innovation and inspiration in everything done and sold Nike – whether shoes, TV advertisements, or sponsored events.

Brand Essence is emotional

The essence of the brand is intangible. This is not a commodity or service offered by a brand, this is the feeling caused by customers when they hear about the brand name, interact with it, and consume the offer.

The customer’s perspective on brand that distinguishes it from the others. Take the example of Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Even though these companies offer similar products and have the same target audience, their essence is different. People think of happiness and good experiences every time they think of Coca-Cola. But Pepsi carries a young spirit in his name.

Holistic Brand Essence

The essence of the brand is his soul. It accompanies the brand every time interacting with the target group – whether it’s advertising, promotion, sales, packaging, or marketing.

Benefits of brand essence

Brand Essence is an emotional benefit of customers when they interact with the brand or buy their products. This is not related to innovation or the product offered. Therefore, it remains even when brands perform poorly.

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This brand essence forms a brand personality. This helps customers set the property of humans on brands, which help them identify them only by using emotions. In addition, this is also important for –

Better marketing

Brand Essence encourages demand for brand products exceeding and above actual uses. This helps brand build stories about the offer. It’s easier to sell products to customers if they already know the famous brand.

Giving higher expectations

Good brand essence helps build bond with customer based emotions. Brand war, today, more than just a price war. This is more related to customer’s emotional expectations and what they feel when using a brand. The essence of brand helps marketers meet customer’s emotional expectations and build bond with them.

Maintain consistency

Brand essence if combined with vision statements, mission statements, business goals, and brand appointments, will help the brand maintain consistency in what is offered, how it offers, and what the customer feels when consuming his offer.

Characteristics of brand essence

Strong brand essence statements have the following characteristics –

  • Unique: exclusive and help brand stand out of competition. The essence of the brand helps brand create its own identity on the market.
  • Intangible: Brand Essence is not a tangible property such as price and product features. It is a feeling that is difficult to understand.
  • Customer definition: brand essence is determined by the customer. The company’s task only makes them look in certain directions.
  • Means: essence which does not mean as good as without essence. The brand’s essence represents the company’s offer, the proposition is value, and its value and principle.
  • Consistent: Brand Essence is consistent in every brand interaction with customers.
  • Sustainable: Brand essence is not related to tangible things such as names or logos that can be changed over time. It’s constant, tough, and sustainable. That feeling that brings the brand forward even if it changes its name.
  • Scalable: Brand Essence cannot be changed does not mean it does not grow and develop. It always develops and increases depth to itself when and when businesses grow.

Example of brand essence

The essence of the brand is basically a promise of the feelings given by the brand every time they interact with customers. The thing you need to remember is that this feeling cannot be faked. It was built when the brand really gave what they wanted

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Here are some examples of brand essenced statements from several famous brands –

BMW – Driving Pleasure

This BMW brand essence distinguishes companies with other luxury car segment players. The company sees design as the most important purchase reason for its customers.

Therefore, ensuring that they see BMW as a brand that focuses on elegant design and provides a real pleasure to drive to a luxury car.

Coca-Cola – Sharing and Happiness

Coca-Cola always positions himself to be part of a happy experience. While other people try to focus on refreshing and satisfaction, the core of the Coca-Cola brand is part of the experience.

Apple – Think Different

The essence of the Apple brand is simplicity. The company thinks differently to make their customers more easier by making them have access to the latest technology.

Simple description of what the customer feels every time interacting with Apple is – this company ensures that I get access to the latest technology by making it easy to use.


That is the complete discussion of the understanding of brand essence, benefits, characteristics for example. For those of you business owners who have a product or service, pay attention to brand essence on your brand is very important to increase customer loyalty and also increase profits on business.

By making the appropriate brand essence, you can convey messages from your brand to customers and make customers feel close to your brand. Also make sure you always keep brand reputation well and ensure the whole process in your business runs according to the standard so that consumers are satisfied.

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