Brand awareness is: understanding, and easy way to improve it

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Brand awareness is understanding and easy way to improve it

Brand awareness is: understanding, and easy way to improve it

Most of us may be familiar with the term brand awareness. However, do you know about the true meaning of brand awareness? Basically, brand awareness is the ability of consumers in remembrance and recognizing a brand, starting from certain names, images, logos, or taglines used by the brand in advertising their products.

Consumer ability to remember or know the brand has a very important role to make someone buy goods from the brand. Well, in this article we will discuss the brand awareness in depth and an easy way to increase brand awareness.

The Importance of Brand Awareness for the Company

In any type of business, Brand Awareness is very important because of its great role to invite consumers to buy products and also to make them continue to buy products from your business.

Most people will certainly be easier to buy products on the brand name they already know or they believe, one of which is from a unique logo or business tagline. For this reason, you should try to make your prospective customers remember your brand as they want to buy a particular product.

In addition, you must also be able to satisfy them, because if they are satisfied, then it is likely they are to tell his friend about your brand it will be very big and of course it will really help your brand known to many people.

In addition, you can also use brand awareness to measure the performance of a brand. Why? Because every year the company will definitely continue to invest in order to improve and repair its own brand awareness.

However, you need to underline that you must continue to monitor your brand awareness, if there is a decrease then you have to do a variety of proper marketing strategies so you can increase your brand awareness back. This is an important key in the concept of marketing planning and company strategy development

More than that, brand awareness is also able to increase value on a product, service, or company. So, your business will be able to survive and continue to advance if you make an investment to build and improve your brand awareness.

Types of brand awareness are

1. Brand recognition.

Brand recognition or aided recall is the expertise of consumers to be able to recognize a product when they see the product. Even though they are not necessarily able to remember the brand name or product, they are able to recognize products when viewing these products, such as from the product display, slogan, display, or product color.

2. Brand recall

Brand recall or unaided recall or often also called Spontaneous Recall is the ability of every consumer in remembering the name of a brand from their memory by the product category. In this case, the consumers only simply hear a product category or see the product at a glance.

If your brand name is at this level, it means that your customer’s prospective is a good memory of your brand.

Research shows that consumers usually will be able to remember 1 to 7 brand names in one product category. For example, if someone wants to buy a laptop product and see a computer shop, most likely they will prefer a brand name that sounds familiar in their ears.

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However, everyone’s ability to remember this brand is influenced by various reasons, such as the existence of loyalty brands and frequency of product use.

So, the more often someone uses products and if they have a high level of interest in the product, they will be able to remember more brand names than those who don’t use products too often and are less interested in the category of the product.

3. Top-of-mind awareness

Top of mind awareness or more often abbreviated as Toma is a brand or certain product that first appears in consumer memories when they are thinking of a particular industry or product category.

How to measure brand awareness is

There are at least five effective ways that you can do to measure your brand awareness level. The following is the explanation:

1. Survey

Survey is one of the many ways that is quite often used by the company to measure its brand awareness. In conducting surveys, they will prefer some consumers to ask about their knowledge of a brand or product category.

2. Unaided Recall Tests

Usually, this test is used to measure the existence of a brand recall. In its implementation, consumers will only be given a product category and ask them to remember the name of the brand that appears in their memories as much as they can.

3. AIDED Recall Tests

Generally, this test is utilized by the company to measure its brand recognition. Later, every consumer will be given a brand name and ask them to mention what they have heard or see about the brand.


In addition, they will also be asked to explain what they know related to these brands, such as logos, product packaging, brand colors, or other things related to the brand.

4. Monitor your website analytics

You will be able to monitor an increase or decrease brand awareness by monitoring the analytics of your website. At present, you can easily monitor the analytics of your website by using Google Analytics, because the volume of traffic is available or visitors to your website, as well as the number of interactions or external links from your visitors.

In addition, you can also monitor how many visitors your website by typing the URL in the address bar directly.

5. Social Media

You can use social media for promotional activities at once to measure your brand awareness. The presence of analytics Social Media is able to tell you regarding the number of followers to the number of interactions of your consumers or audience. Some tools you can use to monitor your social media are tailwindapp and buffers.

7 ways to build and increase your brand awareness

1. Social media

Social media is a tool that cannot be separated from marketing on a brand. With social media, you not only focus on your product, but also from your customers. In addition, you can also interact with your consumers and prospective customers without limitations.

You only need to deliver a brand experience that is in accordance with the willingness of consumers and involves them to be part of your brand narrative. This will help increase consumer confidence in your brand.

In addition, you can also use social media to monitor the response and reaction of consumers related to your business. This will help you adjust the right marketing strategy. Because, you cannot use social media without the right strategy on target. So, make sure your social media remains active with a frequent post and interacts with your followers.

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2. Content marketing.

In terms of producing content for marketing purposes, you need to know that you must write an interesting article, it has value, and is relevant to the company’s goals. So, you have to make content capable of helping you as an expert in his field, so that later it will be able to increase brand awareness aimed at increasing the number of consumers.

The thing you should underline is also that content for the purposes of brand awareness contains important information for readers, not for the purpose of selling your product. In this case, the Content Marketing in question is positive content and is able to provide information involving consumers.

The main objective of Content Marketing is to help your company provide an image and order a company. For this reason, you need a clear content marketing strategy to start the content marketing.

Think about what you have to convey to consumers, how to tell your customers, and what things you want to achieve with these content.

3. Video Marketing.

Video Marketing is one of the most famous ways to increase and build company brand awareness. Reportedly, Facebook Live videos were able to receive 8 billion views a day, and even YouTube was able to receive 5 billion views per day.

Based on the statistics above, we can conclude that there are many people who are willing to spend time watching videos online.

So, video marketing is one of the many effective ways to get more wide buyers. Videos made can be a video explanation about your business with a duration of 1-2 minutes.

However, you must ensure your business segmentation in making videos. So you have to make sure what they like and style what language they use. You can get the information by making a persona buyer.

Simply put, buyer persona is a character imagination that imagines in your mind when imagining your ideal consumer. You can make a buyer persona with market research or your consumer data.


Thus a complete explanation of brand awareness and the right way to build and improve your brand awareness. Basically, brand awareness is the ability of consumers in remembrance and recognizing a brand, starting from certain names, images, logos, or taglines used by the brand in advertising their products.

So, in essence you need the right marketing strategy to be able to increase your brand awareness so that the company’s main purpose can be achieved as a whole.

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