Brand Awareness: Definition, Function, Strategy and For example

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Brand Awareness: Definition, Function, Strategy and For example

Brand Awareness Definition Function Strategy and For example

Ever wondered what phenomenon made you think of Coca Cola or Pepsi every time he asked the soft drinks you want? What makes the brand flood your mind every time someone asks an unexpected question about the category or niche? This is brand awareness and all this is not made automatically.

The company spends billions of rupiah to instill their brand in the minds of customers. Many even succeed in becoming a verb in our daily vocabulary. We don’t order motorcycle taxi; We ordered gojek. Don’t believe us about this? Googlinglah to find things know.

Brand awareness or brand awareness is the first step to position your brand. This is a sustainable process that not only helps get more customers but also brings back existing customers to buy more.

Here is a guide to help you understand what brand awareness is actually, what kind of thing is, and how you can measure and improve it.

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness or brand awareness is the extent to which brands are recognized by target groups and are associated with products or product categories.

It is customer awareness of the brand when he-

  • Watch brands along with other brands when shopping,
  • Talk to his friends about the product category,
  • Read or hear brand ads,
  • Read or hear about brand news, etc.
  • Buy brand products,
  • Have other meetings with brands or product categories.

Brand awareness is the first stage to strategically affect the process of customer decision making. The company spends millions just to make their customers aware of their brands.

However, this is still a metric that cannot be measured perfectly, and has awareness does not always mean that people will buy your brand products. However, brand awareness is very important for companies, especially new ones.

What is the Function of Brand Awareness?

This is a proven fact that customers prefer brands known than unknown ones. Brand awareness is the first step to make a known brand. But the importance of brand awareness does not stop there. Brand awareness like diamonds, the more you polish, the more shine.

Here are some brand awareness functions for your business or product:

Creating Perception.

Brand awareness spread through channels such as referrals, homework, news, social media, etc. If it runs according to the company’s plan, it is created positive perceptions in the customer’s mind.

Suppose a friend tells you about a Japanese restaurant where he has an extraordinary experience. Even though you don’t go to the restaurant, there is a possibility that you will recommend it positively to anyone who accepts your advice about Japanese restaurants.

Grow trust

Brand awareness fosters trust. When you see people interact with the brand and get a good experience, it builds your trust in the brand even though you haven’t tried it yet.

Suppose you visit the Somalia country and find three different restaurants; Two becomes a local restaurant and another is McDonald’s. There is a big chances you will go to McDonald’s even though you haven’t eaten there in your country. That’s just because you know about the brand and trust the practice of cleanliness.

Create a network

If planned well, awareness will spread like fire. The brand is a topic of discussion and creates a network that can be used to disseminate further information.

For example, Tiktok never advertises himself. The users spread awareness through the video and also by word of mouth.

Creating associations

If done correctly, brand awareness produces associations. This association is present in two types –

  • Where people think of brands when they find the product category.
  • Where they use brand names to deliver the product category.

While the second achievement is very difficult to achieve, many companies like Google, Xerox, Band-Aid, etc. Has managed to achieve it.

Build brand equity

More and more people are aware of a brand, the more valuable the brand. This is the concept behind brand equity. Brand equity is the brand value as a separate asset. It makes public offering stand out only because it is offered by certain brands. Brand Awareness builds a felt brand value.

Brand Awareness type

Brand awareness can be categorized into three types depending on the perception of the importance of the brand by the target group.

Knowing about the type of brand awareness is the most important for marketers because current marketing strategies and the future is designed in accordance with current brand awareness among the target market.

Three types of brand awareness are –

Brand recognition

Brand introduction is when customers can recognize the brand and distinguish it from other brands when he touches him. This type of brand awareness does not require customers to remember its names. It only focuses on whether customers can recognize it when served at the place of sale or when he witnessed visual packaging.

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Brand Recall

Brand Recall is a brand reconnection spontaneously from memory when customers are requested by the product category. Most users cannot remember more than 3-5 brand names.

This is influenced by individual and brand factors such as education levels, use, marketing strategies used by companies, etc. These brands are part of a generated collection of customers.

Top-of-mind awareness

Top-of-mind awareness is a set of 3 brands that customers are always bought. This is customer consideration. Entering a brand into this consideration device is the ultimate goal of every marketer.

How to build and improve brand awareness?

Brand awareness is built by building relationships with good and sustainable customers. Focus your brand awareness strategy in a way where your offer meets its needs without much effort from it.

1. Focus on the product

Strategies for strong brand awareness range from strong products. Make sure you meet the needs of your customers without him trying hard.

Focus on making a unique, interesting value proposition, and is something that forces customers to share voluntarily.

WhatsApp, for example, built a free instant messaging application in 2009 when most of the target audiences used to communicate via paid text messages. This free IM makes them share products with all their friends without forcing whatsapp.

2. Focus on positioning and personality

Positioning it is important. Various brands use smart positioning strategies to increase their brand awareness. They may position themselves as premium products in the market full of daily use products, or economic products in the market full of premium products.

Look for the desired position but have not been explored which can be used to increase your brand awareness.

Perfect example in building brand awareness with the help of positioning and personality is Apple. The company positions itself as the most premium brand that can be chosen by anyone in the smartphone industry. This creates sect followers who act as brand fanboys and spread brand messages.

3. Give something for free (but still limited)

Free spreads like fire. This is not just a price indicator. This is a very strong emotional trigger that is often so interesting that it makes people try whatever is offered for free, no matter they want it or not.

Offering something for free is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness. But, if mixed with the principle of scarcity, the impact is multiply.

Give something for free but still limited to increasing the impact because it creates a sense of urgency and makes your customers think that your offer is more valuable than abundant offers.

The Sumo app is a million dollar startup only by utilizing these two strategies.

4. Partnering with famous brands

A good way to build a brand awarenes is to let other famous brands talk to you to their audience.

Partnering with the established brand that we mean by brand is a company, influence, celebrity, etc. who has good followers.

Facebook uses this strategy and partnered with many special influencers to increase awareness of the newly launched products – Facebook Watch.

5. Use a lot of social media

It’s hard for the target audience to get to know you unless you meet them wherever they are. Use social media and take advantage of the trend to build an image among your target audience.

Behave like humans and not robots, for posts you want to see and interact with your users, offer gifts to share, and use social media to spread your brand messages.

Durex is a perfect example of a company that uses social media to increase brand awareness.

6. Use a combination of inbound & outbound marketing

No doubt, advertise is a very good way to raise awareness of brands. However, this is a push technique and not everyone shapes a positive perspective of brands because of advertising and other marketing forms.

This is where inbound marketing enters. Inbound Marketing is a pull marketing technique that uses non-intrusive and targeted strategies such as content marketing, social media marketing, event marketing, and search engine optimization, etc. To create brand awareness, attract potential clients, and change it into prospects and actual customers.

Use the combination of inbound marketingn and outbound marketing to get the best results. Running ads while having a blog that focuses on search engine traffic can be a good strategy to start.

7. Make it easy to share

There are times when you can submit awareness work to your existing customers. Just look at their habits and take advantage of what they need.

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Many eCommerce applications have a choice ‘share this product with friends’ or ‘request recommendations from friends’ that allow their customers to share the products they are interested in. This, in turn, increases brand awareness because more people know about your offerings from the people they believe.

8. Provide incentives to spread brands

Starting a referral program or investing in affiliate strategies is often a good idea. Such a strategy delegates the work of spreading brand awareness to other people usually at a lower cost than what you will do it yourself. In addition, referrals have more convincing strength than your ad.

Prepare an interesting referral program where your existing customers get something valuable when they refer your brand or product to someone else. Similarly, providing a good commission rate attracts many talented affiliates who have good followers.

In addition, other incentives such as offering versions without ads if users share brands, give them extra lives in games, and provide special discounts if they get more users, can also be used to increase brand awareness.

How to measure brand awareness?

As we mentioned before, Brand Awareness cannot be fully measured. But you can still review activities and collect some data to support your strategy and form a new one. Here are some ways to measure whether your brand awareness strategy is successful or not.


The best way to measure your brand awareness is to reach the target group and ask questions about your brand. You can outsource to the expert or do it yourself through direct contact or with the help of online tools such as surveymonkey, Google form, etc.

Trafic Measurement & Analysis

Trafic measurements can be a good size for brand awareness. Use analytics to find out where you get the most traffic.

Your brand awareness strategy is considered to work well if you get most of your traffic both directly (people type your URL and visit your website), through reference (other websites that mention your brand and / or link to you), or Through social sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.).

Use tools such as Google Analytics, Semrush, Ahrefs, etc. To analyze your progress.

Google Alerts.

Google Alerts is a good way to get notifications every time someone calls your brand. This is a free brand awareness measurement tool that sent you an email every time your brand name mentioned on the website.

Social Mentions & Shares

Social Mentions & Shares Organic is also a good measure of awareness. Many tools like buzzumo, twitcount, etc. Can help you measure the designation and social division.

Social involvement

Organic increases in the number of social media followers are also the result of good brand awareness. This is a reflection of how many people are aware of the brand and want to socialize with him.

Media analysis obtained

The media obtained are basically by word of mouth and brand promotion is made voluntarily by third parties such as news channels, influencers, people who are included in the target group, and others.

Public relations or good company pr can help you use and measure brand awareness through the media obtained.

Example Brand Awareness

Here are two companies that use creative ways to build and increase their brand awareness.

Burger King.

The company has begun utilizing the Burger King vs McDonald’s war that never ends to increase its brand awareness. Recently they launched the ‘Unhappy Meal’ to make fun of McDonald’s happy food and to contribute to the month of mental health awareness.


Durex stole attention in terms of increasing awareness through social media. The company utilizes current trends and creates advertising materials that can be shared who like to interact with the target audience.


That is a complete discussion of brand awareness that can add to your knowledge to create their good awareness for your business and products.

Creating brand awareness is indeed a challenging thing and it takes great effort and costs so that the campaign you plan to work successfully.

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