Brand Association: Definition, Benefits, Types, and Examples

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Brand Association Definition Benefits Types and Examples

Brand Association: Definition, Benefits, Types, and Examples

Brand Association Definition Benefits Types and Examples

Ever heard of the brand association? Think about, several tens of brands are around customers. Even though customers failed to recognize some, he certainly had a strong mental relationship with many brands. Once the customer found the brand he recognized, he began to associate him mentally with some pictures in his mind.

The relationship between consumers and brands like this works like a power plant in creating a successful brand image.

But what exactly is the brand association, what kind of and why is it important? Let’s find out by reading this article until it’s finished.

Definition of brand associations

The brand association is a relationship with a brand with a certain concept that consumers remember when they found the brand.

Consumers remember brands using a series of attributes, experiences, images, and other unique things that make brands stand out.

This unique collection can include concepts, emotions, objects, experiences, personalities, relationships, humans, objects, or images. It can be tangible or intangible and can be directly related, indirectly, or not at all related to the brand offers. But it is something that makes customers remember and recognize the brand.

The brand must be associated with something positive so that customers connect your brand to be positive. Brand association is a brand attribute that appears in the minds of consumers when the brand is discussed.

This is related to the implicit and explicit meaning that is associated/consumed by consumers with certain brand names.

It can also be defined as the extent to which certain products/services are recognized in the class/product/service category. When choosing a brand name, the selected name must strengthen important attributes or benefit associations that form the product positioning.

Benefits of brand associations

In the eyes of the customer, the brand association is a kind of mental relationship. Therefore, this has the power to encourage purchasing decisions. Not only that, brand associations can affect product differentiation and user satisfaction.

Even so, brand associations are an important part of building brand identities. This is important because:

  • Help customers remember a brand because of the unique quality it offered.
  • Distinguish brands from their competitors.
  • Guarantee customers will be the quality offered.
  • Creating a positive image of the brand/product.
  • Very helpful when trying to launch new products with the same brand.

Type of brand association

A combination of images, words, graphics, and proper marketing material can help in building brand associations. Some of the most common brand association categories are:


Descriptive features of a brand or product or services that characterize it are called associations based on attributes. These features or attributes are very promoted by the company and stand out in the competition.

This, in turn, helps customers in remembrance brands and helps them to associate with products in the next market, in turn, has the advantage in making purchasing decisions.

Attributes can be in the form of the physical composition of products or external aspects or maybe even appearance or price or combination of packaging from one or more of these attributes. Many brands are associated because of the high discounts offered by them for example IKEA. Attributes can also be a tagline that helps promote the brand.

Based interest

Interests are used as a factor of associations by many companies for their customers. These are the basic parameters used and attract customer intelligence or awareness. The company’s main purpose is used to generate interest in the minds of customers and position the appropriate brand which will, in turn, mean that the brand is interesting for customers.

Associations can be made with celebrity support or by placing them in films where the main actor uses certain products because of interest so that it connects prospective customers and the product.

For example, a writer in a film will drink Starbucks coffee so that it connects Starbucks with productivity and creativity in the minds of customers.

Based on benefits

As is explained by its name, the benefits of the product or brand that associated customers with it. These benefits can be functionally related to certain products or services or can also be experimental that describe the wise feelings of customers in using these products or services.

The benefits can also be at symbolic levels, such as brands that help customers achieve social goals. The cosmetics industry is very dependent on associations based on profit. This is a primary use that is easy to attract customers who are more women than men.

Even though they don’t focus on how a woman will look after using a product but they also focus on how they feel after using the product.

When a woman stood in front of a hall filled with cosmetics deciding which cosmetics would be used, it was a relationship with the brand she remembered and who helped us to make a decision.

While the main contribution in decision making is from advertising and placement of products, most also depend on the customer’s mood at the time and while the previous section controls the company, they have no effect. anything in the last part.


The brand’s attitude is determined by the customer after the overall evaluation by them. This association is quite abstract and more often than not, can be attributed to product attributes including its benefits. This attitude can also be associated with certain lifestyles such as fitness-oriented, environmentally conscious, or celebrities in sports or entertainment.

The best example is Nike which is a fitness-based clothing company that uses support from celebrities to build brand associations for various product lines in the customer’s mind.

They work with athletes in various fields of sports landscapes and help customers remove products with performance.

For this reason, the company has created the best associations with most sports celebrities and the best players in their fields.

The description projected by the company in the mind of the customer is that by using this particular product, they have the opportunity to win and be the best in their sport choices, imitate, and replicate celebrities in advertisements. The attitude of winners and celebrities is forwarded to customers through brand products.

Celebrity based

This is the type of brand association most commonly used to promote products. Celebrity images are used to encourage products in the minds of customers and thus help sell your products. The selection of careful celebrities is done to associate with certain brands.

For example, the beauty brand will always be associated with women’s younger actresses, while products such as wrinkle lifter cream will be attributed to relatively older celebrities.

Similarly, sports brands will be associated with sportsmen or celebrity fitness, or other models. On the other hand, brands like Rolex will be associated with business tycoons or celebrities involved in the business sector for a long time.

The Celebrity brand association helps convert prospects into customers faster and realize faster sales.

However, the biggest weakness of celebrity support is if the customer does not like certain celebrities related to the brand, he will not buy the product even though the product has very good quality.

Sample brand association

Although defining brand associations is rather difficult, the concept may be clearer with certain brand examples as below:


Related to Nike, customers usually associate it by:

  • Swoosh
  • Sport
  • Sneakers
  • Sweat
  • Energy
  • Motivation
  • Just do it
  • Jordan
  • Check
  • Athlete
  • Sportsman
  • Performance
  • Premium sports brands


Related Apple, the customer associated it by:

  • ‘I’
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • MacBook.
  • Electronic
  • Premiums
  • Luxury
  • Too expensive
  • Aim
  • Expensive
  • Loyalty
  • Gray
  • Steve Jobs.
  • Cook Team

How do brand associations develop?

The brand association develops with every brand interaction with customers. This is the result of marketing efforts, efforts for pricing, brand loyalty, references, and each example involving brands, such as –

  • Customer contacts with organizations and employees;
  • Advertisement;
  • Publicity by word of mouth;
  • The price of the brand is sold;
  • Association of celebrity / large entity;
  • Product quality;
  • Products and schemes offered by competitors;
  • Classes/product categories where the brand is located;
  • POP (Point of Purchase); etc

Positive associations developed if the product is described by a durable brand can be marketed and desired. Customers must be convinced that the brand has features and attributes that satisfy their needs. This will make customers have a positive impression of the product.

Positive associations also help organizations to get good intentions, and prevent the entry of competitors into the market.


Now after you know what the brand association is and how important it is in creating brand awareness and growth.

It’s time for you to understand the current public perception of your brand and make a list of all things that might help create a good brand association.

Whether it requires cooperation with an influencer or a few changes to your current business strategy and tactics, brands related to well with targeted audiences and potential business prospects will be a successful brand.

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