Brand Ambassador: Definition, Function and Effective Tips for Choosing it

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Brand Ambassador: Definition, Function and Effective Tips for Choosing it

Brand Ambassador Definition Function and Effective Tips for Choosing it

As the owner or business manager, brand awareness is very important for the success of your business in encouraging sales. One step you can do is look for the right talent to become a brand ambassador.

However, you don’t need to have a lot of budget or decades experience to build a strong brand if you choose the right brand ambassador.

What is the Brand Ambassador?

Companies often use advertising marketing and initiative efforts to increase their brand awareness. This effort can bring your company brand to the next level, help companies to attract top-level talents, and secure loyal customers.

However, one of your biggest assets in building brand awareness is to use a brand ambassador or brand ambassador, both officially or unofficially.

The brand ambassador is an individual who can be rented or relied on by the company to highlight the company positively. They promote company services, products, or even brand companies for potential candidates to work there.

While the brand ambassador can be part-time workers who share samples of products in crowded areas, they can also be employees who promote their own companies. Of course with quality work culture and products or services, employees and consumers will spread it. No need to spend extra money to promote good things organically!

Why do you have to hire a brand ambassador?

In the digital era and the more advanced social media, almost every employee has a fairly large professional network. In addition, many have shared about your company, executives or not.

98% of employees use at least one social media site for personal use, where 50% have posted about their company.

Between social media, e-mail, and other services, B2B employees have many people they can talk to, and with whom they have relationships and trust.

Relationship, trust, influence – whatever it is the key.

This is the business currency: more trust and influence that you have with someone, the more likely you get their business. This is the value and function of the brand ambassador.

Relations owned by your employees with their network – which may include prospective customers, prospects, and recruitment – stronger than any relationship that people have in their network with your brand.

Applying the Brand Ambassador program allows you to take advantage of this relationship for the benefit of ambassadors and organizations.

Who can be a brand ambassador?

This depends on your business objectives (and your brand ambassador program), but in our experience – every employee has the potential to become a brand ambassador.

Employees in the sales, HR, Marketing, Communication, Products, Engineering, and Management can function as an effective ambassador.

Here are some examples of results that can be driven by employees in this team:

  • Salesperson: Reduce the sales cycle, creation of new opportunities, increase income, and prospect channels
  • HR: Increase recruitment and retention, an increase in a collection of talents, build your company brand
  • Marketing: The acquisition of prospects, brand awareness, social distribution, web traffic
  • Products & Engineering: Leadership of Thought, Product Awareness
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Generally, employees who regularly communicate with people outside the organization are people who will encourage the best results.

On average and given the nature of their role (for example, requirements for networking with people outside their organization), sales, marketing, and management will have the greatest professional network and can encourage the most profitable results.

The important thing you need to pay attention to before choosing a brand ambassador

As we explained earlier, you can use your company’s internal employees or parties to become a brand ambassador. But if you want to use an external brand ambassador to improve brand awareness on your business, such as artists, influencers or the like, remember that you have to pay attention to some things that are crucial.

Some people will not be suitable for your company, and choose the wrong person to represent your brand is a mistake that can destroy your business quickly.


So what are the main features you have to look for in the brand ambassador? If you are looking for the right person for your brand ambassador marketing campaign, here are five most important properties to look for.

1. Passion

Some people have natural abilities to attract others to them. The right brand of ambassador must be enthusiastic and emit positive energy that will attract the same-minded people to them.

Your brand ambassador helps, fostering and making strong relationships between customers and your brand. Therefore, they must be excited about your product or service and build relationships with others.

2. Professionalism

External brand ambassadors may not be technically employed directly by your company. However, they have a significant influence on the perception of your company.

You definitely want someone who is reliable, open to feedback and has high behavior standards for themselves and far from the scandal that will harm business. These include direct and their online persona.

3. Flexibility

Marketing Brand Ambassador requires versatility to succeed. You will guide someone’s message direction through brand messages and talk points.

However, their unique voice and protection to speak to the needs of everyone they encounter that makes the message successfully accepted your market.

Depending on the type of activity carried out by your brand ambassador (direct events, street teams, guerrilla marketing, etc.), they must be creative to face the challenges that appear along the way. Your brand ambassador must be open to building input, try a new strategy, and reevaluate what works and not.

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4. Engagement

If you are looking for a brand ambassador to help you encourage your message before and after the campaign you created, you will need someone with established social media followers. But not always people with the biggest number of followers you have to look for. These are people who have high involvement with their audience.

Although it is natural to be interested in social media celebrities that have many followers, the reality is bigger not always better. The number of followers is not important, the most important thing is the level of influence that the person can use.

5. Originality

This 2016 study surveyed 2,000 consumers with a range of 20 to 39 years. Extraordinary findings are that consumers are tired of being targeted by companies on social media.

56 percent of people claim to reduce or stop at all from social media just to avoid large amounts of paid advertising exposure.

Using brand ambassadors is not a traditional sales technique. They must have sincere appreciation for your product or service. These sentiments will appear naturally when they share them with others.

If the person you choose is dishonest or recommend something they don’t believe, it will be a problem for your business. This is especially true with ambassadors of social media brands that communicate with their networks.


That is the complete discussion of the Ambassador brand. Choosing the correct Brand Ambassador will make it easier for you to reach your target audience. In some cases, you might want a brand ambassador who is also an influential person in the field.

Some brand ambassadors who understand this social media have built certain online followers communities and can help promote your brand.

Although some brands need people with such extra reach, it is important to know that many followers do not mean determining the success of marketing campaigns in your business. The spirit and trust of the brand ambassador that makes their influence valuable.

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