Book Marketing Services For Authors By National Expert, Annie Jennings PR

NEW YORK, NY, September 15, 2011 /24 7PressRelease/ Are you a new author?Have you simply published your book?Are you pondering how to market your book?Don’t worry, you are not alone. Lots of authors want to know how to find the main publicity for his or her new book. Meet Book Marketing Expert, Annie Jennings, of the book advertising and marketing publicity firm, Annie Jennings PR. One of the primary things a book author should learn about book advertising is that there’s a large number of competition in the book advertising and marketing area.

Did you recognize that Bowker provider of book industry suggestions and facts reports that about 3 million books were published in 2010 with about 2. 7 million self posted/print on demand up from about 22,000 print on demand books published in 2006?Now that’s a large number of books that want book marketing. But how do you stand out from the gang?How do you get your book noticed?”For book advertising to be successful,” says book advertising expert, Annie Jennings, “you ought to cover a lot of bases. Think about book advertising and marketing as a wheel and each spoke in the wheel represents an alternative book business plan you’ll employ”. What are some of those book advertising spokes?Let’s find out!Book advertising spoke 1: Get booked on radio shows as the guest interview in as many markets as possible and the larger the market when it comes to inhabitants, the simpler. The idea is so that you can reach as a lot of people as effortlessly as possible.

Book advertising spoke 2: Be sure you’re optimized on all of the online bookseller equivalent to Amazon. Create your author page on Amazon and buy all the up sells, that is, the bells and whistles offered by Amazon to enable you market your book. Book marketing spoke 3: Have a book launch party. Book parties are lots of fun and get the word of mouth going to your group. I advise giving people who attend your book party a free book but make certain to get their email and make contact with info. A book advertising party is a great time to community.

Find out who knows who and the way they will let you. Annie Jennings is a book advertising expert and focusing on assisting authors optimize their book marketing and exposure plans. Annie is familiar with that obtaining publicity on major media retailers helps authors market their books across the US and create far attaining buzz. Annie Jennings books the key media outlets adding radio shows, TV shows, guest article placements, online media placements and much more.