Blogging tips and errors to avoid beginner bloggers

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Blogging tips and errors to avoid beginner bloggers

Blogging tips and errors to avoid beginner bloggers

There are no absolute rules when discussing how blogging. Blogging activities are considered fun because they are not always serious. How not, you can pour everything you think into writing that might indirectly be able to inspire others.

Blogging can give you a lot of advantages. You can use a blog to channel ideas and thoughts. In addition, you can also use blogs to share stories about your travel or experience. Check out some of the following reasons why you need to build a blog:

  • Blogging can quickly become a means of communication to disseminate the most popular information and news. Given that there are many online blogs, then you must be able to highlight the uniqueness offered by your blog.
  • Blogging can be a means of expressing yourself and sharing thoughts about a particular topic.
  • You can develop career writing through writing blog articles.
  • You can also benefit by monetizing a blog.

Tips for writing blogs for beginners

If you have your blog, you have more control to organize things. Starting from the topic, theme, or niche market, schedule upload articles to detailed things such as website design. However, so that you can still inspire your creative thinking, know some blog writing tips for the following beginners.

Write what you like

Do you like writing about culinary or food reviews? Or maybe you prefer to discuss the latest game? But wait, maybe you prefer to review movies or books? Whatever niche or topic that you will use for your blog, make sure you like it, huh!

The blog is the result of the representation of the idea of ​​the owner. So, think about what you will write on your blog. If you intend to write about more than one topic, you can divide the types of your writing into the category on WordPress.

So it’s different from the others

There may be many other blogs that type with your blog. But, don’t make this an obstacle. You can look for a gap to put the uniqueness of your blog. For example, if you like to write writing about handicrafts, maybe you can provide modules for exercises, or even paid online classes if you are quite capable.

Research to see a blog with genres that are similar to your blog, then find what is less than them and make it an advantage in your blog. If your blog contains food recipes or cooking tips, maybe you can invite readers for the monthly email to subscribe to special recipes? Make a unique idea that is different from other blogs.

“Talk with Them”, not “talk to them”

Right. When writing a blog, try to talk to the reader, not talk to the reader. Invite the reader to enter the discourse that you serve for them, make your sentence more “live”.

One of the ways you can do this is to use descriptive sentences that describe the situation or a place clearly. Then don’t forget to slip what you feel from your senses, like the taste of the food, cool air, and so on. In addition, multiply using active sentences rather than passive sentences.

Good content is the key

Place you as a reader. Will they be interested in your writing? If not, there may be many things you can improve first until it can attract the attention of prospective customers.

If confused, maybe you can learn about 10 news values ​​and place them in your article. Some of them are uniqueness (uniqueness), proximity (proximity to the reader), conflict (conflict), impact (influence or impact), and significance (interests for the reader). After understanding this news value, maybe you can apply it to your next article.

The ability to choose a visual display

In addition to writing, you also need to improve the ability to choose a visual display. How not, interesting and relevant images with blog articles will be very useful for your blog. If qualified writing is not supported by an interesting visual display, the reader might be more difficult to interest.

If you can’t take photos yourself, maybe you can use photos from free photo stock providers such as Unsplash or search for interesting pictures from Pinterest. Another way, maybe you can start developing the ability to design or illustrate on a computer?

Avoid errors in blogging

There is no absolute thing when writing a blog, including which is wrong and which is true. However, here are some things that usually make it difficult for a blogger to raise the popularity of the blog to reduce the interest of the target audience in their blog.

Do not know the target audience

One of the most common mistakes made by a blogger is they don’t know who is the target audience. They make content about various types of topics and discussions without caring whether readers are interested in the topic or their writing.

Before developing a blog, you should take a picture of how the ideal reader you are headed. Starting in terms of demographics, behaviors to their interest in something. After that, research what they like or need and be “answers” for their needs.


Not infrequently a blogger starts his blog with enthusiasm, then over time, this spirit begins to be extinguished until it is inconsistent in making articles or reducing the quality of content because his interest has been reduced.

This is one of the fatal mistakes of a blogger. Therefore, if you intend to build a blog, do a fairly mature plan for some time. Realistically adjust the task so you know what to do. Make a monthly editorial calendar containing the main keyword for several months at once.

Not Seo-Friendly

When discussing SEO, two different blogger groups write only for the benefit of search engines and those who do not care about search engines at all. Even so, this type is also not absolute, because you can still divide your type of content into their respective categories, whether you want to be an article that is self-friendly or not.

If interested in applying SEO on-page on your website, maybe you can start learning it from the webinar on the videos about the on-page SEO and off-page. Alternatively, you can use the Yoast SEO plugin to check the SEO-friendliness level from your article.

Solely about the author

Both as individuals or companies, many bloggers make mistakes with too much talk about themselves. Readers only want to read useful information for their lives. Simply put, they are looking for value from your writing, not just about your daily life.

However, that does not mean you should not slip a personal story or opinion in your article. However, it is still following the context and does not overdo it when telling about you, unless the article describes your identity.

Similar to blogs for business. When writing a blog for business, you can make educative articles rather than articles with specific topics that only discuss your products. The wearers need educational information that can convince them about who are your brands and why they should be interested in your product.

Don’t have a strong niche

One of the mistakes that are often done by a blogger is to be everything for everyone. There are articles about health, food recipes, film or book reviews, topics about gaming to join in discussing politics. As a result, the blog has no clear direction.

Therefore, first set the niche you want to use and limit the topic of discussion on your blog. However, that does not mean you only use one niche. Make a topic or sub-category that is still relevant to the niche market that you specify for your blog

For example, if your blog discusses food review, you don’t need to add topics about politics or investment early. But, you can create a sub-category on a blog that contains food recipes for the wearers. Don’t forget, if you want to add a relevant category, make a sufficient number of categories, don’t overdo it.

Not committed to the process

Many people who enter the world of blogging will receive a direct impact on their business. The visibility of search engines and traffic will increase, then they receive a lot of money. But unlike Pay Per Click ads, building a blog requires time and instant business.

More than just writing, you need to create an article that contains relevant and persuasive keywords. Don’t forget to make an interesting title too. You can plan and write content to be uploaded in 2-3 months at the same time to test how much impact you receive.

Focus on quantity, not on quality

Many bloggers focus on quantity than quality and this can lead to a mistake. If your blog contains the latest news and you can make mild content in large quantities at adjacent times, maybe it doesn’t matter. However, it will be a problem if you upload a blog in many for the sake of having a blog that is always visible up-to-date.

How not, it takes a short time to do research, create an article structure, write, add images to review themselves. Not to mention if you are taking time to rest and think for a moment. Moreover, too many articles with quality below the standard will increase the bounce rate that is not good for your website.

Unattractive writing

The purpose of bloggers is the same as other writers, namely to obtain and maintain readers. But, there is one way that makes prospective readers and readers loyal to leave a blog, which is uninteresting writing. This error not only makes articles difficult and uncomfortable but also obscures the message to be delivered until finally, the reader leaves the blog.

Interesting writing is not only from the title that proves curiosity, but also from a neat and equipped structure by the use of good and correct Indonesian language spelling, and grammar that is easy to understand.

If you are still problematic with typo or Celtic, maybe you can use spell check or Google Docs. But most importantly, take the time to research ideas, facts, and concepts that you still doubt, and don’t forget to reread your writing before uploaded to the blog.

The title is not attractive

Apart from images, unattractive titles or headlines can also affect the traffic of a blog. How not, inevitably the readers will judge a title to determine whether they will click on an article or not. But often beginner bloggers do not use titles that summarize the contents of the article.

When making a title, make sure the number of characters is no more than 65 letter characters and spaces so that they are not cut off. In addition, make a communicative title and direct the target which is quite specific so that the prospective reader feels the article is intended for him. But, don’t forget to still prioritize keyword use.

As much as possible, make a short title, but still descriptive. Usually, the title rarely uses affection, and is better to keep the title that is not excessive and adjust the contents of the article. If the title can be written in seven words, you don’t need to use up to 10 words, because Google has limited the title to a maximum of 70 characters.

Bad edits

The structure of messy language, the sentence is not effective, many typos, and so on are some of the results of bad edits that you should not imitate. After writing an article, maybe you can leave the writing temporarily while looking for the right image for the article or completing the next article. After that, re-read your writing and then do edits.

This is done so that you don’t just focus on the use of punctuation and pay attention to typos, but also so you can put yourself a reader who reads your article. If there are sentences that are less logical or difficult to understand, immediately repair them.


Besides paying attention to blogging tips and see what mistakes are still often done by beginner bloggers, you also need to be careful when choosing to host for your blog.

Thus the article about blogging tips and various errors that must be avoided by beginner bloggers. Everyone makes a mistake, no exception to a blogger. What do you think is the fatal mistake that is most commonly done by beginner bloggers? Leave in the comments column, let’s go!

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