Blogger Approved Ways You Can Make Money Blogging Caite Elizabeth

Not all affiliates are created equal. Some of them, usually new businesses, offer a higher fee. For example, if you check in with Convert Kit, their fee is as high as 30%!This means if 10 people sign up to their basic plan of $29/mo using your link, you’re making $87. For their $79/mo, you earn $237 when 10 people sign up via you.

With ConvertKit, their commissions are rolling every month to boot. So you wouldn’t just be making a one off income of $87 or $237, but this amount every and every month in accordance with the above examples. Remember, there’s no limit to how much you can make or how many people can use your link. Whereas for assessment, the maximum fee Amazon offers is 10% and people only for its fashion items, differently it’s customarily less than 5%.

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