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Founded in 2010 as a way shopping site, the achievement of the logo enabled the manufacturer to conform into a industry with lots of merchandise on offer, like client electronics, white goods, cosmetics, supermarket items, and home furnishing and accessories. They came on the scene while the e trade market was relatively new and were capable of hastily expand as Turkey’s information superhighway usage and e commerce adoption increased. Mobile shoppers are getting the focus in their business strategy and presently, their mobile web and in app purchases account for more than 85% of Trendyol’s total sales. Trendyol sells over 200 million items a year.

Despite being a growing market, Turkey has lately faced high taxation rates for businesses, as well as destructive trade rates, and logistical constraints associated with transport and parcel start. In addition, the e commerce app market as an entire has been facing problems related with a highly aggressive vertical, fraud, and challenges associated with attribution, measurement and consequences monitoring. For the mobile acquisition team at Trendyol, continued growth meant finding ways to with ease allure new users and interact present contributors to conquer the demanding situations they were facing locally and industry wide. The Masterminds Sessions are always a thrilling glimpse into the daily trials and successes of the brands that make up the mobile industry, and the new consultation with Liligo was no exception. The Liligo team authorized our invitation to come to Barcelona and current to our growth squad in an intimate environment. They dished on what it’s like in the aggressive comparison price travel industry, how they’ve been navigating the launch of their new app, and the causes behind why they’ve decided to center around mobile and staying artistic/aggressive in the saturated comparison travel vertical.

Guillaume credit the founders of Liligo for being the motive force behind the company’s cutting edge marketing strategies and playful tone. Liligo was an early adopter of using SEO content material for riding organic inbound site visitors, by growing an inspirational travel blog. Then, when key phrase driven inbound became more expensive, they were quick to adopt offline advertising options. While all and sundry scrapped over key phrases on the web, Liligo was diversifying, reaching users online and out on the earth. As each advertising and marketing channel became more widely adopted, Liligo developed new strategies to stay out in front of competition.

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Which is why Guillaume defined, they have currently ramped up development into the mobile app world. They are only a few months into their new mobile app advertising and marketing initiative, defined Rocío Perez, Liligo’s mobile acquisition manager. She says the app continues to be a metaphorical “baby”, but they have got been moving fast. They already have dependent partnerships and are seeing effects from their mobile app marketing campaigns. Even though building Liligo’s app has been like creating a new manufacturer, they move easily once they spot new opportunities. They’re already seeing opportunities for a way Liligo can leverage the app to continue the brand’s fulfillment.

Rocio’s philosophy is to test and measure every little thing to get insight to constantly strengthen methods and optimize results. “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far-off…well, specifically, I began my adventure in digital in 1999 working for a “dot com” company in California prior to the bubble burst. I was operating two jobs at a grueling 50 60 hours a week while I went to college at night, with the goal of turning into an enjoyment legal professional. Fast forward a few more years and I was at a crossroads ending my final year at UCLA: “Do I proceed on to law school, rack up 100k+ in student loans OR do I dive headfirst into digital advertising and marketing and see where the rabbit hole takes me?” I chose the red pill I am also a wealth of movie references, if you didn’t deduce this for your own. One of the main appealing features of the virtual world is the ever evolving generation that helps our environment of supply and demand.

Every 3 6 months there’s a technical advancement, revelation or catastrophe that calls for you to rethink everything you realize, evolve and reinvent your home in the digital cosmos. Stagnation is death in our industry and with that, there’s a large number of pleasure and problem. For a person like myself who bores easily, it’s the perfect recipe for a commitment to excellence, which I have now verified time and time again during the last 20 years. I have built sales and teams thru 4 multi million dollar acquisitions, in addition to successfully opened the US market for 2 major overseas Ad Tech businesses. As a woman during this fast-paced, ever evolving landscape, I’ve faced the need for work life stability. Not only have I succeeded during this roller coaster ride of a career, but I’ve done so while juggling the jobs of mother and wife – that may be a fair more difficult path to navigate than the pitfalls of fluctuating era.

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I have found it’s indeed feasible to obtain that much needed balance by operating for the correct manufacturer and positioning yourself to take full competencies of the always on 24 7 company hour flexibility. Today, you truly can work anywhere, at any time and excel. In fact, when my 3 babies were babies, I took them on the road with me to conferences and business conferences and we were soon deemed the “road warrior family. ” You truly could have it all as a woman in this industry, with the correct support systems in place. Only 10 years later, I made my early life dream come true and began studying Advertising.

I had to overcome many limitations and objections. Even though my family was always 100% supportive, many in the industry were reluctant to have women taking up sure roles. I knew early that I was attracted to tech and digital commercials, and had the possibility to work in the industry in my 20s. I agree with myself a very hands on person and just a little bit of a “geek” and I was 100% committed to going beyond the bounds and breaking them. “A women most appropriate operations?This is a man’s job!” Looking back 12 years now, I can’t count the variety of times I was wondered or doubted.

My love of adventure and my appeal to new challenges eventually introduced me to the tech industry. It was exciting realizing that my foreign experience, herbal interest and networking skills were a superb fit for the industry. My present place is extremely social, allows me to travel and continue to satisfy people from all over the world. There is never a dull day. Since building my company development team over a year ago, I’ve been targeting increasing the technical savvy of the team and we are already seeing great results from the increased workshops, trainings and team building.