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Healthcare groups have faced a dual battle. The industry’s employees on the frontlines are addressing the health results of the coronavirus, while healthcare groups are suffering to deal with the social distancing demanding situations that necessitated a large shift to remote work for plenty of personnel, as well as the expansion of telehealth offerings and mhealth. Addressing these three era challenges is crucial to the good fortune of the frontline employees as well as to give protection to the healthcare system itself from being crushed. In this blog, let’s in short discover 3 big technology demanding situations, and then share anecdotes from two of BeyondTrust’s staggering and brave healthcare customers. The global health pandemic has forced many companies to change their work from home guidelines.

But helping remote employees increases the burden on the helpdesk as users face issues like authentication issues and exposure to more phishing and malware threats. Removing administrative privileges from endpoints prevents attacks that depend on admin rights to contaminate procedures. Proactive elimination of excess endpoint privileges is also a pretty good method for covering in opposition t zero day attacks, which are not detected by antimalware software. Of course, once contaminated with malware, PCs be afflicted by instability, data leakage, and operational issues that lead to increased demand on the helpdesk.

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