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I’ll come up with a few examples, as a result of I think that can assist add some context here. I did a bit bit of analysis. My share data is from BuzzSumo, and my link data here is from Ahrefs. But for example, this piece called “There Are Now Twice as Many Solar Jobs as Coal Jobs in the US,” here is pretty much just data driven content, but it truly makes friends and enemies.

It makes enemies with form of this classic, old school Americana belief set around how critical coal jobs are, and it creates, throughout the enemy that it builds around that, just by sharing data, it also creates allies, those that are on the side of this story, who want to share it and enhance it and feature it reach its capabilities and reach more people. Same is true here. So here is a narrative called “Yoga Is a Good Alternative to Physical Therapy. ” Clearly, it did extraordinarily well, tens of hundreds of shares and thousands of links, lots of ranking keywords for it. But it creates some enemies. Physical therapists are not going to be extremely joyful that here is the case.

Despite the research behind it, here’s not easy for plenty of of these folks. So you’ve created chums, allies, folks that are yoga practitioners and yoga instructors. You’ve also created enemies, probably those people who don’t agree with that this might be the case regardless of what the analysis might show. Third one, “The 50 Most Powerful Public Relations Firms in America,” I think this was really from The Observer. So they are writing in the UK, but they managed to rank for lots and lots of keywords around “best PR firms” and all those sorts of things.

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They have hundreds of shares, hundreds of links. I mean 11,000 links, that’s darn superb for a narrative of this nature. And they’ve created enemies. They’ve created enemies of all the those that aren’t in the 50 most valuable, who feel that they could be, and they’ve created allies of the those who are in there. They’ve also created some allies and enemies deeper in the story, which you can check out. Some don’ts.

I do not urge you and I’m not suggesting that you should definitely create provocative content material purely to be provocative. Instead, I’m urging you to think about the content that you just create and the way you angle it using this framing of mind as opposed to saying, “Okay, what could we say that might really piss people off?” That’s not what I’m urging you to do.