Bitcoin Ad Network Review 2020

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Bitcoin Ad Network Review 2020

Bitcoin Ad Network Review 2020

Bitcoin Ad Network is a company that connects advertisers to websites that want to host advertisements. The main function of ad networks is to collect ad supply from publishers and match them to advertiser requests.

1. CoinZilla

Coinzilla is a leading Bitcoin advertising network, launched in 2016. It offers CPM and CPC ads in the form of standard banners, floating banners, and pop-under ads. Interestingly, advertising can be funded not only with Bitcoin but also with Ethereum.

One feature that might be useful to you is the referral program, which can help you get 10% of deposits and withdrawals of referred users. Payments at CoinZilla are processed every day, with up to 72 hours on weekends and a minimum withdrawal amount of € 50.

Coinzilla’s publisher requirements are strict, with quite a number of users whose websites have been denied. Specifically, Coinzilla only accepts websites with a good level of involvement and interaction. As for customer support, Coinzilla has high online availability and responses usually help. More than that, there is the flexibility of sending a support ticket through the website or contacting Coinzilla via Skype.

2. CoinTraffic

CoinTraffic has been around since 2014 and calls itself the crypto ad network. It offers CPM campaigns and has a variety of ad format options, including static banners and pop-under ads. This platform is easy to use, which makes checking daily payments and attracting commissions very easy. There is a minimum withdrawal of € 10, and payment requests are usually processed within 24 hours.

One of CoinTraffic’s advantages is that they are selective about the number of advertising partners they have. This means they are careful to avoid ICO fraud, rather than just concentrating on high-quality traffic with leading advertisers and publishers. The support offered by CoinTraffic is usually very good, with fast response times, although sometimes it can take weeks for your website to be approved or rejected.

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3. BitMedia

Founded in 2014, Bitmedia is a London-based Bitcoin advertising network. The Bitmedia platform was built from scratch, involving many experts from big-data & high-load technology. The aim is to develop a top notch advertising platform as well as to promote the Bitcoin community.

The company provides CPC & CPM campaigns, with the initial payment being made for each click (CPC) or 1,000 impressions (CPM). The minimum amount for withdrawals is 0.001 BTC. Officially, Bitmedia only allows Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related websites to its publishers. However, they write that if your non-crypto website provides good and busy traffic, they can make an exception, if it suits them.

Bitmedia places great emphasis on quality. The company is proud of developing smart algorithms that display ads only for relevant users, as well as conducting in-depth learning about user behavior, to improve algorithms better. Apart from that, their UI is very friendly and intuitive and their support is fast and useful.

4. Anonymous ADS

One of the oldest Bitcoin advertising networks, A-ADS (Anonymous Ads) is still a very popular choice. Just like Bitcoin itself, the A-ADS advertising platform promotes anonymity: no personal information or verification is needed. Even though there is a registration page, you can choose to log in with a Bitcoin address without registering an account.

A-ADS is known for offering fast and timely payment. Users are given attractive choices to the A-ADS account or directly to the Bitcoin address. You may not face many problems, and if support is needed, A-ADS is usually very helpful.

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A-Ads provides a tagging tool to distinguish between advertisers. Every ad on the network gets a tag (Risk Investment, Shady, etc.). The publisher uses manual moderation to check unwanted tags. The minimum withdrawal threshold for A-Ads is 0.001 BTC.

5. Mellow Ads

Launched in 2015, Mellow Ads offers CPM and CPC campaigns, with each advertiser able to buy a number of unique views or clicks. There is a choice of banners and pop-under advertisements, and daily income is provided based on the number of views, clicks, or appearing given to the network.

Mellow Ads charges a fairly low fee of 10% for network campaigns, which means the potential for revenue is higher than many other Bitcoin ad networks. However, Mellow Ads may not be for everyone because there are a number of mandatory requirements to have your website approved.

This includes having the top 100,000 Alexa ranking. In general, this is a very fast and reliable Bitcoin advertising network, despite not having the most reliable customer support, with many users claiming to not receive replies. The minimum amount to claim your payment is 0.001BTC.