Bidvertiser’s Strengths and Weaknesses

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Bidvertiser’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Bidvertisers Strengths and Weaknesses

Source of income for a blogger who is quite popular is Google Adsense. However, to be accepted as an Adsense publisher is not an easy matter. if I personally, have given up on the list, because it is always rejected for changing reasons. Don’t know where the mistake is anymore.

Now for blogger friends, rather than being distressed let alone stop working through blogs because of his love rejected by GA, it’s better to look for other alternatives that can be a way to make money from blogs.

I registered with Bidvertiser about six months ago. When I put the ad on this blog, a few days later I saw a written income of 0.02 $. This is understandable considering that my blog visitors are only around 200 or 300 per day. But then my ad code was removed from the blog, why? because my blog was detected by Mozilla spreading malicious software. Including also when I open the Google Webmasters Tool. Read here the reason.

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But now it seems Bidvertiser is safe for blogs or websites, it is proven that I put the ads in a week. It’s safe.

What are the advantages of Bidvertiser?

1. Registration is very easy and does not have heavy requirements like a blog must have thousands of visitors, and so on.

2. Not through the review process when registering. That is, the registration process and being accepted as a publisher or publisher of Bidvertiser ads does not require a long time.

3. Once received, we can immediately take the ad code and install it on the blog.

4. Support Paypal

5. the price per-click is also quite expensive

Those are some of the advantages of Bidvertiser. But it feels incomplete if I do not also mention what the shortcomings.

The disadvantages of Bidvertiser are

1. Ads that appear often do not fit into the category or niche of the blog,

2. More ads in the form of downloads (same as RevenueHits).

3. Sometimes what is more common is standard advertisements, which show only the words “Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser“.

4. Not support for visitors from some countries.

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For point number 4 above, at least that’s my observation. I did a little research on my blog because I was curious, why Bidvertiser ads were just that and that, then I tried to fad open this blog using an external IP, eh Bidvertiser ads appear and quite beautiful appearance. Therefore I conclude that Bidvertiser is not suitable for blogs whose visitors are mostly from Indonesia.

But I just met a friend’s blog that writes that the emergence of standard advertisements from Bidvertiser is because we are wrong or incorrect in filling the blog category when first registering. Because the system used by Bidvertiser is that they immediately lock our blog category, if you want to change it, then you should contact Bidvertiser support.

That’s the advantages and disadvantages of Bidvertiser. If you want to join, please register directly on their site

Oh yes, if you want to place a bidvertiser ad, just deactivate Pop-Under, Slider-Ads, Mobile Pop-Ads, maybe this type is considered malware by Google. The trick, enter the Bidvertiser Center, select Preferences, a pop-up page will appear, please select the ad settings.

So may add reader references.