Beta testing is: understanding and difference with Alpha Testing

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Beta testing is: understanding and difference with Alpha Testing

Beta testing is understanding and difference with Alpha Testing

The simple understanding of beta testing is a test of a product before it is finally marketed officially. With the existence of beta testing, the product will be tested directly at each user. This testing stage does not necessarily be controlled by the testing team because it will face directly with each user or end user.

So, what is the true understanding of beta testing and how best do you do it? Read on the article about beta testing below completely.

Beta testing definition is

Reporting from the official product plan page, beta testing is a series of user acceptance tests conducted before in the end the product was released for the wider community.

The purpose of beta testing is to find and also identify as many problems as possible or bugs in the system and also the use of the product.

Beta testing is done by involving several users who are usually referred to as beta tester. Later, they will do testing in conditions and also the same characteristics, starting from hardware to the internet conditions they use.

In this testing stage, the Product Development team will be able to carry out security testing and also reliability testing that will not be able to be done in the Alpha Testing stage.

The two test stages are carried out to find out the level of security of a product and also the ability of the product in order to function properly.

Destination beta testing.

In general, the purpose of beta testing is to find and also identify problems and other bugs that have the potential to appear when the product is used.

Although Alpha Testing also has the same goal, but beta testing is done to find problems that will not appear in controlled conditions.

Beta testing is also carried out to validate hypotheses related to how to use a product. This type of test is also carried out to ensure a product is able to meet the requirements and also its development goals.

This testing stage cannot only be done when it will release a new product, but it can also be done before launching a feature or the latest upgrade from a product that previously exists.

Types of beta testing

Quoted from the Adobe XD page, there are at least five types of beta testings that can be done in testing a product, including:

1. Closed beta testing

Closed beta testing is a type of beta testing carried out on a number of users who have just been selected. Generally, the number of beta tester in this testing stage will be limited in accordance with the criteria that has been determined by the company.

For example, you plan to release a new product. For this reason, you must prepare a landing page that makes visitors want to leave email to get information related to the product.

In this case, you can choose beta tester from people who register themselves to get information related to the product. This type is more suitable for beta testing with limited covering power. Like testing the core features on a product to be released.

2. Open beta testing

Unlike the Closed Beta Testing, in open beta testing, you cannot limit the number of beta testers who want to be actively involved. This type of beta testing is generally done as a follow-up form of closed beta testing.

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Open beta testing can only be used to collect a quantitative data with the target of the main user and the pattern of interaction they can produce.

This testing system will also provide information related to the system when it will be used on a large scale. You will need a long time before your product is released to the public.

Testing this type also provides information about the system when used on a large scale.

3. Technical beta testing

This type of beta testing is carried out by a group of users who have understood a technology. The purpose of this Technical Beta Testing is to find complex problems and provide a report on the technician team.

This type of testing will be able to produce an analysis that may not be found by ordinary users. This will make testing more focused and the results obtained will later become more relevant.

4. Focused beta testing

This type of beta testing is done only to obtain feedback related to features on new products. Usually, beta testing is done by releasing products or new features on users.

5. Beta marketing testing

Marketing beta testing is a test that is done to be able to attract public attention. Generally, this type of beta testing is done to analyze media marketing that is being used.

This beta testing can also be done to better understand the reaction of users on new products to be released. Later, this test results can be used to add or update product features.

How to do beta testing

1. Determine the purpose of the beta testing

The main thing in doing beta testing is to determine its purpose. Based on this purpose, later you will be able to determine the coverage of testing and find what type of beta testing is suitable for you.

2. Recruit the right beta tester

Not all users can be used as beta tester. Using beta testers that are irrelevant to the criteria and test objectives will only cause failure in beta testing itself.

For this reason, you must attend three main factors, namely the user reach, the length of time beta testing and also the cost you need to spend.

These three factors will help you determine the right beta tester users.

3. Determine the Duration of the Beta Testing Implementation

The duration of testing that is too long or too short will only produce an undiscontentment. For that, you must be able to determine the length of time beta testing.

This duration can be determined by the previous goal you have prepared, adjusting budget funds, or various other important factors.

4. Convey important information to beta tester

If you find some information that you think is important, then convey to your beta tester. This will later make it easier for them because the testers often ignore some of the problems they have met in the testing stage in Alpha Testing.

5. Create a clear feedback collection procedure

Most information-related information can indeed be collected automatically. However, you still need a fairly clear communication line with beta testers. So, they must be able to convey feedback related to product features more clearly.

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That way, the Developer Team and beta tester will be easier to make product improvements.

So what’s the difference with Alpha Testing?

1. People who run it

The fundamental difference between Alpha and Beta Testing is the person who does it. Alpha testing is carried out by employees or internal staff or minimum still within the scope of product development. They can be from the developer itself or a team of trusted companies to do alpha testing.

While beta testing, done by end users. Generally, the company will choose several special users to be able to join this program. In essence, they are people who will indeed use the product.

2. The goal

The next difference is located from the destination of each test. Basically, Alpha and beta testing are indeed done to find out what must be repaired before it was finally released for the public.

Reporting from the Geeks for Geeks page, Alpha Testing is done to ensure the quality of a product before finally entering the beta testing stage. While beta testing is to ensure that the product is ready for use by users.

3. Implementation of trials

In the process of implementation, Alpha Testing requires a special room or lab for trials. This is certainly different from beta testing, which they can do it anywhere and anytime. The duration of alpha testing is longer than beta testing, because the developer must overcome other problems before entering the beta testing stage.

4. The benefits for developers

In Alpha Testing, the method commonly used is the White Box and also a black box testing. That is, developer software can monitor all internal structures of a product that is being developed.

It is indeed very necessary because they become able to know the existing problems and what they will have to improve.

On the other hand, beta testing only uses the Black Box testing method. So, users will only see how the product can work. Later, the feedback provided will be applied to the version of the product that will come so that the results can be more maximal.


Thus the explanation of us about beta testing and the difference with Alpha Testing. So, we can conclude that we can conclude that beta testing is a series of tests carried out by end users or end users, while Alpha Testing is a test carried out by the company’s internal parties.

To be able to carry out a beta testing process, the way is to determine the purpose of beta testing, recruiting the right beta tester, determining the duration of beta testing, conveying important information to beta tester, and creating a clear feedback collection procedure.

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