Best WordPress Advertising Plugins To Increase Blog Revenue in

The plugin offers a mind boggling 20 ad widgets to customize your arrangement. You can configure and time table each one widget. Furthermore, you may even insert ad code right into your theme code bloggers can still handle the plugin from the dashboard. In post ads are also an option; demonstrate them above, below, in the middle, or on the left/right sides of the content. Banners are displayed with assistance from shortcodes.

Most astounding is the algorithm that manage when, where, and how the ad is displayed. You may even geo target ads: show a USA based visitor AdSense ads, and show a Germany based guest AdBrite, or although, you are looking to do it. I am suprised, that the Simple Ads Manager continues to be getting advised. I used it after WPads and before AdRotate, but I kicked SAM from my sites once I read about serious protection issues of the plugin and hacked internet sites, caused through open backdoors You can find lots of posts about this problem, e. g.

this one: AdRotate is sweet, if you want to manage ads in groups and show them on alternative positions on your site. But I am using Advanced Ads for a long time now and I am very proud of this plugin. Even in the free version, which you can choose among a lot more chances than with AdRotate or AdInjection. Finally always remember one aspect: If you seriously want to gain your ad sales, you need to spend loads of time in optimization and remember to use a plugin, which offers tools like ad tracking or ad responsiveness to you and your site.

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