Best Video Ad Networks and SSPs for Publishers and Advertisers

What is the never altering goal for publishers?Well, getting the message across to a preferred audience could be one of the fundamental goals. That goal is getting more and more difficult to obtain. Services like Google and Facebook are the main ads platforms for pushing paid ads out the door. Reaching clients is getting tougher.

Lately, however, quite a lot of agencies are simply turning to other platforms for his or her advertisements needs. At present, there are a large number of video ad networks out there. Each one can bring you closer on your business goals, so which you can avoid the competitive commercials race on Google or Facebook. Google Network serves computerized text, image, video or interactive media ads. Simple enough. The only drawback is that it requires your domain or site to already have a serious history and consistency in satisfactory content material that connects with audiences.

There are no minimum site visitors necessities. AdSense for content characteristics numerous monetization answers for publishers and, clearly, which you could utilize “AdSense for video. ” Mind you, this comes to the implementation of a sample video player via IMA SDK. After that, there’s an approval period and once that kicks in, you’ll be in a position to get solid CPM rates from AdSense for video reportedly getting up to around $15 CPM if you have tier one site visitors.

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