Best Practices as a Publisher with Google Chrome Restrictions in Mind FroggyAds Advertising Network

As a FroggyAds writer, we recommend you register your web content in Google Web Tools and monitor it under the ‘Ad Experience Report’ and ‘Abusive Experiences’ sections “Google Web Tools for Abusive Ad Experiences”. If you take delivery of a notification from Google that you just’ve been marked under their Ad Experience Report or their Abusive Experiences, be sure you remove infringing ad formats and re submit your web page for review. You can get more commands on how to try this without delay from Google “Request Review from Google”. Based on Google’s tips about “Google Chrome 64 Ad Filtering”, if your web page is categorised as failing by them, you will have 30 days to accurate the ad experiences they might deem as misleading or abusive in your web page. For most publishers, this might be enough time to make the needed changes before Google basically begins filtering ads.

We recommend towards proactively submitting your web content to Google for review. Please strongly consider waiting until they notify you a couple of failing status.