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Undoubtedly the popular advertising network on the Internet due to its vast list of advertisers and publishers. This product from the company is best known for its stringent methods for weeding out malpractices. This program is also known for its highly competitive PPC rates for the publishers. The presence of well proven tools helps in achieving better click through rates.

Their publisher network is known as Google Adsense and Advertiser’s program is known as Google Adwords. Advertisers have option to run ads through Google’s own site network or through adsense publisher or both. As one of the biggest names in the industry, the advertising network, which works largely on the PPC method, from Yahoo has a rich base of advertisers and publishers. Due to the rich diversity of the parent company, this advertising network offers the ability to target users, using personalised ads for individual users, depending upon various criterions. Their ad serving program like Google Adsense was known as YPN Yahoo Publisher’s Network which was accepting only US based publishers and closed on April 30, 2010. Their advertising program only offers ad serving to Yahoo search engine only.

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