Best In Image Advertising Networks for Publishers in Blognife


Imomomy is an advertising and marketing answer company based in Israel, and a pioneer in visual semantic tools and applied sciences that benefits publishers and online advertisers. They work by examining text from websites and match them with They are able to current contextually relevant ads by leveraging on programmatic advertising applied sciences and semantic evaluation application and thus hold high relevancy of ads. They also are capable of drive rich user engagement on a website and work on a freemium model that shares its income generated via ads with its publishers. Fork Media is the only Premium Ad network Brand based in India with the Philosophy to synergize among Brand and Content. Its in house ideation cell merged with its content material creation functions is the backbone behind its luck and the company has a proven track record of supplying superb value to largest publishers and types across the globe.

Though a tender successor of ad networks company, its hybrid era, termed as ‘Ant Farm’ has proven to be a very good good fortune with some of the optimal Publishing brands similar to The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Headlines today, Zee News, Live mint and so on. Fork media benefit its publishers via two of its ad systems, namely Brand Press and Impulse. Brand Press is the new advertising and marketing platform of the agency and Impulse is its image monetization answer. Integrating with Fork Media is easy and a single step process for Publishers and the network approves its publishers pretty immediately, if they would follow its approaches and abide by its terms. The Biggest problem for Advertisers is the loss of credible distribution channels for his or her branded content material and eminent tools to degree the good fortune in their advertising campaigns. Fork Media helps in prompt distribution of credible content across instruments via cross booklet tools with scale, relevancy and manage.

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Thus, it offers the widest reach, private insight and great automation in comparison to other native ad answers both for its publishers and advertisers. NetSeer Ad Targeting Company is a writer of concept focused on and serves its publishers and advertisers generate first-rate earnings through its patented Concept Graph Intent engine. Their advertising and marketing performances are not just focused, but are device well suited across mobiles, desktop and tablet gadgets. Its stock is being backed by accuracy, brand safety and relevance and it helps its advertisers maximize the price in their digital possessions. Its content monetization avenues via topical links and applicable search ads help publishers monetize their sites across market competitions.


The agency is based in Sunnywale, California and also operates in New York City. The in image advertising technology of Gumgum helps publishers convert their photos into ecocnomic advertising inventory. Its patented era offers probably the most best ways to earn new income across every screen. It has achieved highly interesting and fascinating event for viewers and higher CPMs for its publishing partners. Gumgum works with hundredths of top class web publishers and some of its best companions are shape. com, The Hollywood reporter, and the daily beast and so forth.

It continues wonderful brand relationships and maintains true criteria in handling its publishing partnerships. Its publishers gain specific attention from its team and thus do not accept every integration request it gets.