Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Bloggers

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Amazon Associates is the world’s largest affiliate program. The great thing about the program is, it has an advertising program named “Native Shopping Ads”. The way it works is a little bit different from AdSense. While AdSense pays you for clicks or impressions, Amazon Native Ads only pay you for sales. As Amazon is the world’s most popular and largest eCommerce site, it’s not that much tough to get sales from Amazon.

com. Amazon Native Shopping Ads show highly relevant product ads in stylish and responsive design to help you to earn more. Ad Types: Recommendation Ads, Search Ads, and Custom Ads. Payment Methods: $100 Payoneer, CheckBidvertiser is a direct advertising site that could be an excellent AdSense alternative if you didn’t get Adsense approval or got banned. It offers instant approval. You can monetize your site within 5 minutes with BidVertiser.

The way it works is a little bit different from Adsense. While Adsense shows Ads based on context or visitor’s interest, it creates a bidding system that allows the highest bidder to advertise on your blog. Initially, you won’t be able to earn much revenue as it takes some time to get your site found by Highest bidders. So stay longer. Ad Types: Native Ads, Pop Under, Domain Redirect, XML.

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