Best Free Email Marketing Software Options to Add

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I’m a senior analyst at Capterra — wanted to offer some quick insights concerning Sreejith Narayan’s question. Growing your subscriber list to 2500 people is an exciting accomplishment!With this new milestone, it may be time to look at some low-cost paid alternate options for email marketing program. These facilities can cost as little as $10/month and are a vital investment to your advertising team. If you’re searching for MailChimp alternatives, take a look at our article on the discipline.

hile the Mailerlite is very easy to use, after trying to be “licensed”. It really isn’t for the little agencies, especially those that do not have their own website – ie: I am an unbiased sales consultant for a corporation that adds me with a site to sell my products from, I don NOT have a email option with them. But as a result of I don’t and don’t “own” the website, I was not approved thanks spammers so now I am searching for an alternative easy to use program. I am not stupid with generation but I also do not have time to spend hours on my email advertising and marketing like I was with Mailchimp because it is not user friendly.

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