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This is among the best ad networks for publishers today but getting accepted is just a little a challenge. It is an invitation only community that only accepts top rate publishers. However, if accepted you stand to earn exceptional returns. AdX is one of the maximum paying AdSense options. For instance, 20% of Google’s income share comes from AdX that means the normal CPM/CPC that you may get from AdX ads is at all times higher than AdSense.

AdX well-nigh has a higher CPC per click than almost another ad network. Google will even assign to you a committed account manager who’ll allow you to maximize income out of your site visitors. Remember that you would be able to only get an AdX account if you are a premium writer with a site or sites that take delivery of over 20 million guests each month. Index Exchange, formerly referred to as Casale Media, is a header bid exchange that brings together sellers and buyers of digital media. It is ranked among the top gold standard ad tech networks on the earth with high advertiser demand. The only drawback is its lack of transparency.

Index Exchange is kind of regular with publishers and advertisers alike basically as it provides records comparable to ad impressions and clicks in real time. The network has its headquarters in Toronto with branches in London, San Francisco, and New York City. With more than 50,000 brand buyers in partner networks around the globe, Index Exchange is a profitable choice for publishers seeking for the maximum paying alternatives to AdSense in 2017. Facebook Audience Network FAN, in its current state, is a mobile ad community run by Facebook. It is a set of top rate mobile apps and websites wherein over 2 million Facebook advertisers serve their ads. Advertisers on Facebook Audience Network use an analogous concentrated on, monitoring, and dimension tools found on Facebook ads that serve on Facebook.

com. As a FAN writer, you be able of adding the FAN code to your mobile online page or apps and earn revenue when users click on ads placed in your app or mobile website. You very nearly earn a income share of what the advertiser spends on Facebook. From its headquarters in New York City, Yieldbot adds a functionality based industry where advertisers can target clients in real time from premium writer traffic. Yieldbot has 100% unique demand so if you’re worried about complex ads slipping via, don’t worry, Yieldbot is one of the safest.

The brand was situated in 2010 but has emerged as a key player in the ad industry mainly because it connects businesses, brands, and advertisers with top publishers. With over 1 billion month-to-month site classes, Yieldbot provides a more profitable choice to AdSense for mobile. It is a mobile ad community that supports a number of platforms including apps, games, and brands. They help mobile video content material, rich media akin to interstitials and expendables, tablet offers, and even incentivized site visitors. By far, bRealtime’s best offering is their header bid answer. Publishers with site visitors from around the world gets a lot of value from adding bRealtime to their header bid demand.

bRealtime tends to have high win rates for global traffic and will increase the fill rate as a result of they’ll bid for the fewer profitable international locations as well. We call these header bid networks “vacuum bidders” as a result of they buy the lower value bids to boot which also is useful to publishers for increasing page RPMs. bRealtime is easy to work with and their header bid answer is a superb AdSense choice in 2017. PulsePoint is a top Google AdSense choice on the market today as a result of their ease of implementation and strong header bid functionality. The community handles over 110 billion ad transactions monthly.

It is a big player in data driven ad optimization, processing around 20 TB of information daily. They ensure better focused on and relevance via their proprietary contextual system. PulsePoint publishers have a good possibility to monetize impressions many buyers would simply ignore in other platforms equivalent to AdSense. It is a free to join community with a CPM model and zero minimum traffic requirements. AOL ads is completed via their reveal ad branch simply referred to as Advertising.

com. It is one of the most common ad networks for both publishers and advertisers primarily because of its data and insights know-how. They are a CPM, CPA, and CPC model network with over 30 content material verticals. On average, Advertising. com serves near 2 billion impressions per day.

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It is that vast. However, to be approved as a writer your sites should have a minimum of around 300,000 impressions per month. Their managed demand about 7 years ago was known to have even larger reach than Google. Since then, AOL has seen a big drop in market share. Sekindo is referred to as an in banner video IBV AdSense alternative.

Sekindo is quite established for its 100% fill rate especially from tier 1 geo destinations corresponding to US, UK, Australia, and Canada. They offer publishers how you can monetize laptop ad units. It is an outstanding alternative to AdSense for publishers with enough traffic volumes in those geos. We’ve observed that their CPMs and win rates have better over the last 6 months. We does not be amazed if they became an enormous AdSense alternative late in 2017 for header bidding.

Sekindo has a very intuitive interface with hourly reporting. Publishers are assigned account managers who’re quite useful and responsive to queries and requests for monetization assistance. Each of their tags is geo targeted, meaning you get a completely unique tag for every geo. Sekindo offers publishers NET 30 fee terms with a minimal payout threshold of $50. Their offers are mainly CPC and CPM.

There are no minimum traffic necessities to enroll in the community but each of your sites will have to be vetted first before approval. We recommend to show off IBV ads no matter if you’re running controlled demand or header bidding because those videos can run countless loops and crash your users’ browsers. Short of the IBV issue, Sekindo is an excellent AdSense alternative!Founded long ago in 2008, this is among the most superior ad automation agencies that adds real time buying, sale, and management of in feed native commercials. It is a modern content driven mobile first platform where publishers can monetize their sites with top class ads. The brand has a few platforms corresponding to the Sharethrough Exchange STX that’s diagnosed as the biggest in feed advertising exchange on earth.

The community has its headquarters in San Francisco and branches in Chicago, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, London, and Toronto. It is a superb network for publishers trying for one of the best in feed native ads to monetize their sites with. Although their team heavily pushes their sales management platform, this function has very little value. Their demand can operate quite well in the course of the end of quarters and Q4. Otherwise, you’ll constantly see low fill rates and that they are inclined to have large ad effect and passback discrepancies.

Be careful, their sales people can be very competitive and sell you a plan that is not the best fit to your site. We recommend sticking to demand only. Sharethrough plans to free up their header bid answer in 2017 so keep an eye out for that. Being in a position to run Sharethrough within header bidding and heading off passbacks will make it one of several maximum paying AdSense alternatives in 2017. Defy Media was formed by a merger of Alloy Digital and Break Media in 2013.

They started as premium publishers who did quite well in direct sales, so that they determined to supply their direct sales inventory out of doors in their writer network. It is an American digital media brand that specializes in content focused for millenials and the more youthful era of 12 to 34 year olds. It is an excellent platform for publishers with millenial and teenage traffic. Defy Media is widely known for aiding publishers monetize sites with video content. They are big gamers in the YouTube arena.

If you have got video content geared for the young technology, you may agree with joining Defy Media. They have a very intuitive interface with many self provider options including CPM floor environment, pass back implementation, and updating fee data. However, ad tags can only be given by your account supervisor. Whenever you have to extra ad tags you’ll have to place a request via your account manager. It is a superb network for news and searching verticals.

They pay publishers on NET 60 terms that is a bit long. Earnings below $1,500 are paid via PayPal and if you’re making more than $1,500 you’ll be paid via bank wire. They don’t have a minimal site visitors requirement for approval so that they are a good AdSense alternative if your publisher network site visitors is on the lower end. Outbrain is not very new to most publishers. The network has been around for quite a while. It was situated in 2006 and presently has its headquarters in New York.

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It is a number one native ad community particularly once you trust their high exceptional ads. The community has over the years partnered with one of the vital most popular advertisers in the industry to provide publishers with one of the best eCPM rates. Getting accepted is slightly a challenge for publishers starting out. They only accept publishers with at least 10 million page views each month. This is finished to hold high-quality for both the advertiser and the writer even though, their ad creatives could be easier on the eyes.

However, the returns are great for publishers who successfully join Outbrain as a nice alternative to AdSense. Hopefully they will join the header bidding movement in 2017 to become more useful to publishers. RevContent is ranked among the fastest creating networks serving native ads in the industry. They in fact serve over 100 billion ad requests each month. The network has over time persisted to indicate promising consequences to advertisers and publishers alike. Unlike other ad networks that customarily take a 50 40% cut from the publishers’ earnings, RevContent only takes 20% revenue share making it more ecocnomic for publishers.

It is among the most profitable ad companies today and a good alternative to Google AdSense. However, to enroll in the network you’ll need to have at least 1 million views per 30 days. If you command a significantly large volume of site visitors then this is the network to sign up for. OpenX claims to provide the safest, most obvious and fair marketplace for advertisers and publishers. In reality, since their ad exchange reaches so many demand assets, numerous malvertising, mobile re directs and complex creatives serve via OpenX.

They have a huge QA issue, so optimistically they are in a position to resolve it in 2017. With that said, they boast very high earning abilities on the header bidding side. Their win rates are very high for all nations, contraptions and verticals. This is as a result of their tech and much reaching demand. They are among the many biggest AdSense alternative businesses in the whole ad tech industry.

You have to reveal similar standards before you’re approved to enroll in OpenX. To get a controlled demand account is sort of easy but the performance for that type of account is pretty lackluster. If you run OpenX, a header bidding account is the only one worth working, but it surely, you will want minimum 100MM ad impressions per thirty days on each domain. They have also proven to be probably the most challenging AdSense alternative to work with in the complete industry. The ad reps are likely to force publishers to either implement their header bid solution directly on page which kills page load times or to enforce their failing header container.

We put forward to push back and enforce their header bid demand via a non OpenX header box. The network has an intuitive user interface that lets you create a number of ad units or even set up CPM floors simply for controlled demand. They have NET 90 charge terms and a fee threshold of $100. To be approved as a writer your site should have usual content and show signs of engagement with users. You wish to ensure that ads appear correctly in online pages or mobile apps. You must also ensure ads do not appear on emails, downloadable apps, pop ups or pop unders.

You can only place ads on sites you own or on sites where you have got a right away courting with the owner. If that you can get over the terrible assist, lackluster ad QA and header bidding that kills page load times, you’ve got an AdSense choice that may be your maximum earner in your ad inventory. If they fixed their issues, they’d be a top five 2017 AdSense choice.