+ Best Ad Networks to Buy Push Traffic for Advertisers

The usage of smartphones are getting more of a necessity now and that given, it has become easier and giant to make use of mobile phones when ads in involved. One common advertisements format is Push Notifications, among other formats like In app ads and more. Displayed in a whole lot of codecs like banner, alert box, or interstitial, push notifications are definitely messages sent on your phone that notifies the smartphone user of guidance / updates / details / offers, etc. sent by the apps on their smartphone device. These are a superb way to have an immediate connect with the user and the app usage data adds the nearest feasible investigate their transactional behaviour.

Web Push Notifications are mainly used by eCommerce industry and that accounts for over 22. 03% users and aside from that media, blogging and publishing industry also account for a good amount of usage of the same. Nevertheless, the use of Push Notifications have grown widely basically as it shows the ads to people that are looking to examine it. Here, we’d talk about loads of ad networks that an advertiser could buy Push traffic from.

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