Best Ad Networks for Hindi Bloggers and Publishers


AdNow is an commercials network that offers widget based native ads, for use by publishers on their online page. This premium Ad community has more than 1, 50,000 publishers as of now. Adnow accepts publishers who are in another way turned down by Taboola, RevContent and Outbrain. I have found Adnow’sRPM rates almost corresponding to Taboola.

Adnow shows mostly Hindi native ads for Indian traffic with CPCs around 2 cents. I am using them on one of my blogs and is getting USD 1+ RPM. Although, I am serving the ads after the content and via a custom pop up to get the upper RPM. A suggested ad network for Hindi traffic blogs. Also, read my Adnow review here. The Audience Network is a set of mobile apps and now mobile web where Facebook advertisers can serve ads using an analogous concentrated on and measurement tools that they use on Facebook.

Essentially, working ads in the Audience Network extends an advertiser’s reach beyond Facebook and into mobile apps. Audience Network ads come in both native and demonstrate format for photos and videos, and advertisers can enable their Facebook ads to run on the Audience Network by checking “Audience Network” in the location phase when they bring about or edit an ad. With Facbeook’s Audience Network, which you could see strong CPM’s if majority of your site’s traffic is mobile on account that most people in India are logging thru mobile nowadays. I have created a detailed stepwise academic to get started with Facebook Audience Network which that you may find here. eDomz.

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com is among the best online Ad networks that has been in the company of diverting high quality site visitors to advertises since 2005. It’s pop unders are runs on a cost per view model and it also offers CPM ads. The community is expounded to provide good rates for pop unders and gives on time cost to its network of publishers. Also, eDomz works great with Indian traffic. Please note that Popup and Popunder ad networks run on CPA models and also you need to see in case your site’s niche and audience works well with these networks.

If you run a Bollywood superstar blog in Hindi, eDomz can be a great option since they work really well with entertainment sites.