Best Ad Networks for Advertisers to Buy Traffic

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Over the years adtech has continued to grow and we have got seen the rise of a few technology companies to cater the turning out to be demand of online advertising. With computer learning coming to the leading edge, a lot of things have changed and today, how we see and perceive media buying is altogether different from what it was. The growing number of technology companies have opened up a few options for advertisers to boot when it involves media buying. Today, marketers proceed to test and have their very own arsenal to help them with success. In this post, we will discuss some of the best ad networks and exchanges which advertisers should keep an eye on while getting started with media buying.

A lot has been said about Revcontent which has grown impulsively as one of the rising native ad networks around the industry. It has tie ups with probably the most biggest brands as their advertisers and even have a few top class publishers across its network. Although it is straightforward to get began with Revcontent and the CPC’s are comparatively under Taboola and Outbrain, you should do a lot of hard work to clear out non appearing site visitors which is one of the key considerations while advertisements with Revcontent. Other than that, it is a powerful native ad network with strong era solutions that can drive higher growths and ROI for advertisers. The CPC rates for tier one site visitors hovers anywhere among 5 cents to 15 cents.

AdWords continues to be the industry leader in CPC media buying and majorly as it has taken huge steps to ensure that the ROI of their advertisers is reputable. Adwords continue to be the industry leader for small company media buying since it has tens of millions of small business advertisers across the globe. The CPC rates on Google Adwords starts from a couple of pennies for tier one site visitors and might go as high as $30 to $50 per click. The rates majorly depends upon the conversions, great of site visitors and the key phrases you’re bidding. Buying site visitors with Google Adwords can be costly if it is not conversion driven. However, the exceptional of traffic from AdWords is regarded to be first class.

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Adcash was based in 2007 with a focus on delivering high acting solutions to brand advertisers globally and online publishers. The Adcash platform gives advertisers access to deep level concentrated on, similar to mobile device, working system, region adding districts, counties, towns and cities and a lot more, allowing them to arrive highly relevant audiences and get the best consequences. Combine this with 150,000 top class publishers from far and wide the world, protecting a variety of verticals, advertisers are capable of finding customers, wherever and on any device.