Beamer Reviews van geverifieerde gebruikers Capterra België

Pluspunten: We use Beamer for both asserting the free up of new aspects to our customers and for obtaining our NPS in the course of the in app widget. The new function announcer is what Beamer is primarily known for. It’s extraordinarily easy to use which makes bulletins quick to get out. There’s an option to obtain feedback or a simple emoji response which can be positive for quick sentiment to wards a unencumber.

The average UI is awfully sttractive and simple to style for your businesses branding. I use the NPS characteristic daily. Unlike another NPS collection apps, we found Beamer was very straightforward to customize in our company branding and set up on our online page. The dashboard that collects all the scores and text responses is awfully clean and easy to navigate. It contains all of the essential data points you have to and might be easily filtered.

Opmerkingen: I used beamer before using one of my work friend account. However I was very impressed with the product to the point that I wanted to use it for my web page. I got lucky I got to own one lately. I was going to improve to pro account which permit push notification on the website. It didn’t include the plan I have. The main Beamer characteristic comes in handy but individually it is NOT a MUST HAVE since we can do this on the blog itself.

It sure may help augment the engagement but there are another merchandise that may do that too. I sent email to aid and ask them to ascertain my plan before upgrading to the higher plan they offer and pay month-to-month They answered, their message had turned me off and now not desiring to use their product. I bought Beamer from one of my colleague who is now not using the program, regrettably the support said “Be aware that we do not assist accounts reselling” I my opinion, here is not the best strategy to their users and it it unprofessional enterprise apply. Regardless of where the user comes from, buying at once from them or buy it from someone else who now not using the program, at the top of the day they’re still users and helping their product. My event with them has upset me a great deal. I wouldn’t put forward anyone to use Beamer if the help is essential for you.

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