Beamer : avis utilisateurs vérifiés Capterra France

Avantages: We use Beamer for both saying the release of new elements to our clients and for acquiring our NPS in the course of the in app widget. The new feature announcer is what Beamer is primarily known for. It’s highly easy to use which makes bulletins quick to get out. There’s an option to obtain comments or an easy emoji reaction which are beneficial for speedy sentiment to wards a unencumber.

The ordinary UI is quite sttractive and easy to style on your businesses branding. I use the NPS characteristic daily. Unlike every other NPS assortment apps, we found Beamer was very easy to customize in our agency branding and install on our online page. The dashboard that collects all of the scores and text responses is very clean and easy to navigate. It comprises all of the basic data points you wish and can be easily filtered.

Commentaires: I used beamer before using one of my work friend account. However I was very inspired with the product to the point that I wanted to use it for my website. I got lucky I got to own one recently. I was going to upgrade to pro account which allow push notification on the online page. It didn’t come with the plan I have. The main Beamer characteristic comes in handy but personally it is NOT a MUST HAVE since we can do this on the blog itself.

It sure can help increase the engagement but there are any other products that can do this too. I sent email to assist and ask them to envision my plan before upgrading to the better plan they offer and pay monthly They spoke back, their message had turned me off and not desirous to use their product. I bought Beamer from one of my colleague who is now not using the program, unfortunately the aid said “Be aware that we don’t help accounts reselling” I my opinion, here is not the best method to their users and it it unprofessional company practice. Regardless of where the user comes from, buying directly from them or buy it from an individual else who now not using the software, at the end of the day they are still users and supporting their product. My experience with them has dissatisfied me a great deal. I wouldn’t put forward anyone to use Beamer if the help is essential for you.

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