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Java is an object orientated language used to expand diversity of functions starting from simple laptop tackle books, company level ERP systems, and sophisticated dynamic internet sites to mobile based applications for android. Learning Java is essential for stepping up in the path of software development as a result of its major market share. Java is moveable and might run on range of structures including Linux, Windows and Mac. Developed on the principle of Write Once Run Anywhere WORA, Java is often regarded the best place to leap into the unique world of programming. This article includes some basic and engaging Java code examples for novices.

These examples are ok to understand the essential function of any Java application. If you look carefully at the above code snippet, a package named java. util. Scanner has been imported firstly of the code. This Scanner class allows scanning console input.

In the main approach to the category, the object of Maths class has been declared. Then, using the Scanner class object, the 1st number, second number and operation to be carried out has been obtained from the user. Finally, the string assessment of the operation has been performed using equals method. This is to make a decision which method of the Maths class must be called. If the matched string is “+”, the Add approach to the Maths class can be called. The numbers taken as input from the users could be passed to this method.

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