Basic guidelines hold an event

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Basic guidelines hold an event

Basic guidelines hold an event

Basic guidelines hold an event

One right step to try to familiarize yourself with the reader, partner with the brand, and show your existence in a niche is by creating an event directly.

Unfortunately, sometimes this is considered one eye. Often an event is considered to have eaten a lot of time. You feel you don’t have time to plan an event amid busy blogging and posts on social media.

The event of the event is also considered too expensive and at risk. But you will later argue that there is nothing better than the implementation of an event to publish brands and build relationships with readers, fellow bloggers, and business partners.

Here are some things that must be considered in making events:

The type of event will be held

There are several considerations before deciding the type of event you will hold. To be sure you have to choose an event with a high success rate. The key is to make sure this event is relevant to your niche so that while promoting your blog and lure readers or prospective readers of your blog.

So if you are a health and fitness blogger, you can hold events in a vegetarian restaurant or do sports with readers. In addition, you must hold an event that you own wants to attend. It is important to increase enthusiasm when holding it.

When you feel doubtful, ask your readers about what they want. This can be an online survey or a simple post on Twitter or Facebook.

Determine Event location

How to make the next event is to determine the right place. With a little trick, you can find the ideal location at the right price, even sometimes free. Here are some places that can be your consideration when planning an event:

  • Usually, the restaurant has a private room or they divide some of the rooms for personal events.
  • You can rent a meeting room or a room, for smaller events. Previously make sure there is no limit to space capacity.
  • Recreation Center
  • Public Library
  • Boutique and shop. These two places will only close a small portion of their place for organizing private events and usually, they also offer shopping discounts to invitations.


The date and time of the event will be an important factor that determines the success of the event and must be considered when creating an event. If for example, you hold an outdoor event, you must make sure to hold it when the weather is friendly, not in the rainy season because there will be no one who wants to wash in the middle of the event. After all, it rains.

Pay for events

Of course, you are asking for payment from the participants. How big is the price, it depends. Everyone wants to get money and hold events certainly need costs. After all, people are more likely to skip events held free. Therefore paid events are more recommended even for small nominals, as a form of commitment from the guests.

You must make sure the participants benefit from the price they pay. If you hold a shopping event, don’t set the price too high for the ticket so that the participants run out of money to shop in your vendor. In addition, it will be a positive impression of giving a gift bag to participants at paid events.

To remember, if you make an event in a restaurant or another look that provides food or service to guests, you need to pay for a place before the event. Therefore you need to make sure to include this additional fee at the event price so you don’t lose and get a profit.

Looking for sponsors

Looking for sponsors to be a challenge. But one secret finds it is to ask. The company wants their products or services to be in front of new customers and your event is a good opportunity for them to do it.

Therefore if you have previously worked with a brand or you like a brand because it suits your niche, just send a letter via email.

Another effective way to get sponsors is to go to one by one local business. Make sure you dress appropriately and provide a business card and event material. Ask to meet with the manager who is on duty and revealed the meaning of your arrival.

All you need to know, often shop managers need permission from superiors before approving sponsorship. Therefore, make sure to send a sponsorship request before your event.

Sometimes you don’t need to look for sponsors, but those who come to you. On the event ticket, include Links Sponsorship, and you will be surprised by the many potential vendors who contact you ask the opportunity to use your event to promote their products or business.

Promote Event

Various ways to make events discussed incomplete without doing promotions. Of course, you need to rely on blogs and social media as a means to advertise your event.

However, don’t stop there. Promote your event on various sites like and Hold a ticket giveaway by asking contestants to promote it on social media. Invite friends Blogger to promote your event through their site.

What is done during the event?

Even though you become very busy, it remains important to represent your brand in the best way during the event. Wear clothes that give the best impression. Come early and prepare to go home at the end. At all times the implementation, so your job is to meet the needs of guests and make sure everyone enjoys it.

Don’t forget, you need to take pictures and post them on social media throughout the event. Invite guests to do the same as creating a hashtag event and providing gifts for guests with the highest social media post volume. But no matter how much your efforts arrange everything, you still need help on the day of the event.

So if there is no volunteer, take advantage of sites that provide personal assistant services.

Which is done after the event

Before enjoying the success of the event you hold, several things need to be done. The most important thing you need to post about your event on a blog, make sure to say thank you to the sponsors.

You also need to send a personal thank you letter to each sponsor, include a picture and link to the promotional post. Then send an email to the guests. Not only to say thank you because they are present at the event you organized but you can also invite them to subscribe to your blog.

Those are various ways to make a Froggyads event that can be tried. Now you are ready to hold the first event. Good luckā€¦!

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